aCROSS Smith County movement reaches 1100 crosses and counting

December 24, 2019

At the beginning of December, Smith County Insider reported that 350 crosses had been registered as part of the aCROSS Smith County Community Cross Lighting Project.

Three weeks later, Christmas has arrived, and that number has grown to over 1100.

The movement’s beginnings are humble; last year, just under 50 crosses were displayed from Brush Creek to Hickman in the “aCROSS Sykes” Community Lighting Project.

This year, aCROSS Smith County, which is spearheaded by Robin Underwood and her family, has spread to every corner of Smith County…and beyond.

According to the aCROSS Smith County Facebook page, crosses can be found in eight Tennessee counties and nine states, including Texas, where one community has started their own Facebook page: Across Parker/Tarrant County.

There is still time to participate in aCROSS Smith County! You can register your cross by visiting and filling out the form.

You can find the list of crosses in each community here and see an interactive map of cross locations here.

The project officially lasts until December 31, but Robin says she and her family will continue to display their cross into the new year.

Watch this video feature by Smith County Insider reporter J.R. Smith to learn more.

Merry Christmas!