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Who will be our next State Representative?

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Latest list of candidates for August 2, 2018 election; Petitions available until April 5

(Smith County Insider Press) Carthage, Tenn. – 2018 is scheduled to be a big year for elections in Tennessee and Smith County. Several top county offices will be up for election including County Mayor, Sheriff, Trustee, County Clerk, Circuit Court Clerk, Register of Deeds, and all 24 County Commissioner seats.

Election Day will be on August 2, 2018. Early voting will be held at the Turner Building from July 13 until July 28. Deadline to qualify is April 5, 2018 at noon.

As of 1/16/18, the following individuals have picked up petitions (Bold denotes that the individual has qualified):

TN House of Representatives – 40th District (Primary) — Chad Z. Williams and Terri Lynn Weaver

Smith County Mayor — Mark B. Jones, Ricky Slack, and Billy M. Woodard

County Commission – Defeated – District 1 — Glen Reece

County Commission – Tanglewood – District 2 — Jason Stewart and Larry Eddlemon

County Commission – New Middleton – District 3 — Daniel D. Cripps and Jimmie Winfree

County Commission – Rock City – District 4 — Matthew J. Inyart and Shannon Minchey

County Commission – Gordonsville – District 5 — Colby McKinney and Todd Smith

County Commission – South Carthage – District 7 — Randy Lee Glover and Dennis J. Hackett

County Commission – Elmwood – District 8 — Thomas A. Gibbs

Sheriff — Steve Hopper

Trustee — Lee Ann Williams

Circuit Court Clerk — Tommy Turner

County Clerk – Clifa Norris

School Board – New Middleton – District 3 — Jeremy V. Johnson

School Board – Carthage – District 6 — Ricky D. Shoulders

School Board – Elmwood – District 8 — Tina L. Gantenbein

Smith County Insider will keep you up-to-date on all election news. Be sure to check our new Politics Page for regular updates.

The following is a list of positions that will be up for election.

  • U.S. Senate
  • U.S. House of Representatives – 6th Congressional District (Primary)
  • Governor of Tennessee
  • TN Senate – 17th District (Primary)
  • TN House of Representatives – 40th District (Primary)
  • State Executive Committeeman – 17th District
  • State Executive Committeewoman – 17th District
  • Smith County Mayor
  • County Commission – Defeated – District 1
  • County Commission – Tanglewood – District 2
  • County Commission – New Middleton – District 3
  • County Commission – Rock City – District 4
  • County Commission – Gordonsville – District 5
  • County Commission – Carthage – District 6
  • County Commission – South Carthage – District 7
  • County Commission – Elmwood – District 8
  • Trustee
  • Sheriff
  • Circuit Court Clerk
  • County Clerk
  • Register of Deeds
  • School Board – New Middleton – District 3
  • School Board – Rock City – District 4
  • School Board – Carthage – District 6
  • School Board – Elmwood – District 8
  • Town of South Carthage Mayor
  • Town of South Carthage Alderman – Ward 1
  • Town of South Carthage Alderman – Ward 2


Chad Williams announces candidacy with Campaign Kickoff Event

Chad Williams will be officially announcing his candidacy for State Representative this Saturday, January 20th at the Smith County Ag Center. The campaign kickoff event will begin at 1:00 with food and refreshments. Guest speakers will include Smith County Mayor, Michael Nesbit and Mark Medley.

“I have been campaigning since this past August, but I am excited about officially announcing my candidacy in front of my family, friends, and supporters,” says Williams. “Everyone knows how motivated I am to do this. It was evident when I started out strong. People have really began opening their eyes as they see the support I am getting from around the District.”

Williams is a life-long Tennessean and proud business owner in Lebanon. Rooted in Smith County and being prideful about his home is his strong motivation in this campaign. Williams is seeking the Republican Party nomination for State Representative. The 40th District includes Smith & Trousdale and a part of Sumner & DeKalb counties.

Williams’ campaign kickoff event will be a relaxed setting. He encourages everyone to bring their family and friends.

Visit to learn more about Chad and his campaign platform.

Mayor Nesbitt bids to not seek re-election

Smith County Mayor, Michael Nesbitt, officially announced that he will not be seeking re-election for the August 2, 2018 election. Nesbitt has served as the Mayor of Smith County for four terms (16 years). Nesbitt released the following statement about his decision:

“I would like to thank all the people of Smith County for allowing me to serve you as Smith County Mayor for the last sixteen years. Sixteen years, is unbelievable. When I ran for office in 2002, I never dreamed that I would serve my community for sixteen years. I was raised in the best place in the world, by the best family. I married the most incredible woman and we have the most wonderful children and grandson. I have the most awesome friends a man could ask for. I say this because each member of my family and so many of my friends played a huge part in my success. They sacrificed much, so that I might succeed and for that, I am so very grateful, thank you is not enough.

I have worked hard and done my best to carefully spend the tax dollars of the people of our county in a way that will build a stable platform for growth for years to come. In business you can’t spend more than you profit and be successful. I have been mindful of every choice so that every tax dollar can be maximized and have been fortunate enough to see Smith County progressively develop into a successful government.

There is no way I could have done this alone. I have had the opportunity to work with many people on projects, committees and boards, to include four different Smith County Commission Boards, and have learned from each one.

I challenge my successor to maintain and carry on the progress we have made over the years. I challenge you to take time to learn where seeds have been planted for opportunity and be smart enough to foster their growth. I challenge you to stand up for the people of our county and lead them with integrity and honor and to make every dollar go as far as possible for their benefit.

I’ve spent every day getting up and going to work, never considering what all I’ve accomplished in the days before, rather thinking of what I have ahead to accomplish. As I prepared to make the announcement of my decision not to seek re-election, I compiled this list and I am speechless. I am blessed to have had this opportunity, thank you Smith County for believing in me and standing behind me, giving me the opportunity to serve you for the last sixteen years.

16 years of accomplishments:

  • Spending is under control because each department is responsible.
  • Increased Funding by Increased Revenue so each department can operate without being a heavy burden on the Citizens of Smith County.
  • Each Department has great respect for each other.
  • Purchased 9 New Fire Trucks
  • Purchase 7 New Patrol Cars every year or every other year
  • Finished the 2002 School Building Project
  • Constructed a New Career Center, Senior Center, Health Department, Head Start, and Fitness Center
  • Constructed a New Agriculture Center
  • Started the Smith County Fair after 20 Years of not having a Fair
  • Constructed a New Jail and Courts Facility
  • Smith County has obtained Millions of Dollars of Grants Funds to Assist us with Improvements
  • Paying off the 2002 School Debt Early (Approximately July 2019)(Original Payoff Date of April 2021), discontinuing the $50.00 Wheel Tax to put more money back into the pockets of Smith County Citizens, $900,000 per year.
  • Property Tax Rate has been held at a great rate of $2.14 per $100 of Assessed Value
  • Bought the Gordonsville Ambulance Station and Constructed two new Ambulance Stations (Carthage and Four-Way Inn Community)
  • Once the Smith County Landfill depended on a $100,000 transfer from the tax base of the General Fund. That transfer stopped in the 2003-2004 Budget year and is used for other purposes in the General Fund. Now the Smith County Landfill is supported by its own revenues. Also, the condition of the Equipment at the Landfill and Convenience Sites has improved dramatically.
  • Landfills in the State of Tennessee are required to have a diversion rate of 25% (Items Recycled and not placed in the Landfill that would have been placed in the Landfill). Smith County has consistently met 80% to 90% diversion rate.
  • Smith County General and Smith County Highway Department have worked together to help the Smith County Highway Department to acquire better equipment to work with and more Funding to work on the Roads in Smith County.
  • Unemployment Rate reached the double digits in 2009 13.4% and now it is 3.4%. Lower than it has been since oldest records I can find 1970.
  • In the current environment there are more jobs than there are people to work.
  • I have been involved with many years of regular audits and Smith County is set for one of the best audits that Smith County has every had. Another result of a County ran like a successful business.
  • Smith County currently has a Bond Rating of AA- and it had not been rated prior to 2015.
  • Refunding of old debt (2002 School Building Project and Jail & Courts Facility) resulted in 1,800,000 in savings to the Tax Payers of Smith County.
  • Applied and received three different AFG Grants for a total of $ 838,940 to purchase SCBA’s and Turn Out Gear for the Volunteer Fire Departments and Heart Monitors for the Smith County Ambulance Service. This helps our Fireman and EMS Workers, helps save lives of the people of Smith County and has saved Smith County from purchasing these items out of the County Budget.
  • Volunteer Fireman Pay has increase from $15 per call to $30 per call. This is still not enough but better than where we were.
  • Greatest Fund Balances in all Funds since 1998 which makes Smith County financially stable and able to better handle the future.
  • Smith County was able to purchase flood damaged properties on Kinslow Lane from grants totaling $1,033,245.75 with TEMA/FEMA Funds which helped the property owners get in a better place and clean up a terrible eye sore.
  • Secured Funding to help purchase future Industrial Property TVA and Tennessee Central for a total of $451,000.00
  • Applying for additional funding of $1,000,000 for site development for this Industrial Property.
  • Have adopted Centralized Accounting 1957 Act, Smith County General and Smith County Highway Department have joined together to have a centralized accounting system. This saves time and money. All payroll, accounting, and human resources are performed from the Budget Office. This allows the Road Superintendent and the Mayor time to take care of other important tasks.

Future Challenges for Smith County

  • Preparing Industrial Property as Pad Ready Industrial Property. Market it as High Tech-High Paying Jobs.
  • Skill Training for Smith County Workers
  • School Building Project in Gordonsville
  • Better Insurance Benefits for Smith County Employees
  • Renewable Energy Projects at the Smith County Landfill
  • Safe Affordable Water to all Residents
  • Internet Service to all Residents

I would like to announce that I am not seeking re-election in the 2018 for the Smith County Mayor’s Position. The reason is simple, I believe that my job here is done. I have prayed about this which I think I and all other people should pray about decisions in their life. After months of prayer, I feel like I need to pursue other challenges and opportunities. My Family has always believed and taught that you leave things better than you found them. I believe with the help of great people to work with, We have been able to accomplish this. My term ends on August 31, 2018 and I will work as hard on August 31, 2018 as I did the first day of my First Term September 3, 2002. God Bless You all and Thanks again for allowing me to serve as your Smith County Mayor for 16 years.”


Mark Jones Announces Candidacy for Mayor of Smith County

Press Release:

Mark Jones

Monday, January 8, 2018 – Mark Jones of Smith County, Owner & President of Fort Storage Facilities and Investment properties, Smith County Commissioner of District 1, Tennessee State Trooper, is declaring his candidacy for Mayor of Smith County today.  Mr. Jones turned in his petitions for Mayor at the Smith County Election Office on Monday.

 I am honored and excited to announce my candidacy for Mayor of Smith County.  During my career in various branches and levels of government, I have been exposed to many different complexities of issues and solutions.  I have gained experience in my 20+ years in government work.  My experience working with the government and being a private business owner has given me a unique understanding of partnership with all levels of government, along with the private sector.  I have been blessed to have experience with every level of government in extremely high-stress situations — being able to make wise decisions that not only pertain to properties and monetary concerns, but also the lives of co-workers and the public.

If elected to this office, my position will be a very progressive role to bring new growth to our county, pursuing the very best for our citizens in every aspect without compromising any value of our great county.  I also am a firm believer in supporting our current and established businesses in every way possible.  These business owners are our families, friends and neighbors, and I am committed to supporting them in every way feasible.

During my career, one thing has proven itself over and over again: one of the keys to having a more powerful, established and stable economy is a strong infrastructure of our industrial, commercial and recreational locations.  Each of these locations are unique and should be handled in different ways.  We want our communities and recreational areas to stay safe and have any and all luxuries possible without compromising our values.  Our commercial and industrial areas need the resources supplied to be able to function effectively and efficiently.  With a strong infrastructure established, we can be more competitive and offer a more appealing environment for new growth and provide better services for our existing businesses and manufacturers.

I am also a dedicated Christian father of four wonderful children: Natalie, Alexis, Emry and Knox.  Just like all of you, there is nothing I wouldn’t do for my children.  I want the very best for them, and I want the opportunity for not only the work force of today to have great jobs but also tomorrow’s work force.

I look forward to running a positive campaign.  I am a citizen, not a politician, and a public servant, not a lord.  To make America great again, we must start at home.

Paid for by Mark Jones for Mayor

Carfi carries vote in Smith County; Pody wins the race by 308 votes

The Special 17th Senatorial District General Election was held on Tuesday, December 19, with two candidates, Mark Pody (R) and Mary Alice Carfi (D).

The election is the result of a vacancy created in the district when State Senator Mae Beavers resigned to focus on her gubernatorial campaign. The District includes DeKalb, Smith, Macon, Cannon, Clay and Wilson counties.

The following is the election results from Smith County:

Mark Pody (R) – 716 votes – 49.31%

Mary Alice Carfi (D) – 733 votes – 50.48%

Write-In – 3 votes – 0.21%

The following is the election results from the entire 17th Senatorial District:

Mark Pody (R) – 5990 votes – 51.32%

Mary Alice Carfi – 5682 votes – 48.68%

Click here to view a county by county breakdown of the election results. 

Op-Ed: Why I’m Endorsing Mark Pody for State Senate, by Gordon Borck

Mark Pody

Mark Pody consistently demonstrates his faith in Christ in his personal life and he holds to conservative values that keep our state government on a financially sound footing.  During the time Mr. Pody has been a state representative for a neighboring district he has shown concern for the business of Smith County by working to bring good jobs into our area.  He is currently working with our own state representative to accelerate the opening of St. Rt. 25, and for some time now Mr. Pody has been working diligently with our local judges and law enforcement agencies to try to get a handle on the opioid problem that has destroyed the lives of so many of our friends and loved ones here in Smith County.  Mark Pody truly cares about the people of Smith County.

Gordon Borck

Mr. Pody’s opponent seems to be a kind person, and the fact that she is a divorce attorney in Mt. Juliet shows she has a good degree of education; but in my humble opinion her liberal Democrat views do not reflect the values of the citizens of Smith County.

I urge you to join with me in voting for Mark Pody to be our next state senator in this special election on December 19th (early voting runs from November 29th to December 14th).

Thank you,

Gordon Borck

Paid for by Gordon Borck, private citizen of Smith County.

Disclaimer: Smith County Insider reserves the right to reject or refuse any advertisement or article submission.

Early voting begins November 29 for the Special 17th Senatorial District general election

Early voting begins Wednesday (November 29) for the Special 17th Senatorial District General Election, set for December 19.

The election is the result of a vacancy created in the district when State Senator Mae Beavers resigned to focus on her gubernatorial campaign. The District includes DeKalb, Smith, Macon, Cannon, Clay and Wilson counties.

Two candidates are own the ballot for this election. State Representative Mark Pody is looking to move to the upper chamber and is running at a Republican. Wilson County attorney, Mary Alice Carfi, is running as a democratic candidate. They will face each other in the General Election set for December 19th.

Dates to request absentee ballot: September 20 – December 12.

Voter Registration Deadline: November 20

Early Voting Dates: November 29 – December 14

Early voting will take place at the Smith County Election Office located at 122 Turner High Circle, Suite 105, Carthage, TN 37030.

See sample ballot below: 



Williams understands the value of education; Rep. Weaver fails to make education a priority

Press Release – Monday, November 20, 2017

Chad Williams, Tennessee’s 40th District House of Representatives Republican Candidate

Candidate for the Republican Party nomination for Tennessee’s 40th District House of Representatives seat, Chad Williams, released the following statement:

“Our teachers and students are over worked and over stressed. The state has become too involved in directing our local institutions. Teachers are burdened with the pressure of having to meet state standards and it hinders them from being the professionals they have worked for years to become. The job that they were taught to do is lost in the daily shuffle of playing catch-up. Confusing and unclear standards and a strong emphasis on testing brings a great burden on both the teachers and students. “Let teachers teach” seems to be the war cry. Simple, yet a strong call from the people on the front lines wanting their needs addressed. 

Since I have begun touring and visiting schools across the district, I have had the great pleasure to speak to students of all ages. The opportunity has been placed before me to not only educate students of all ages on government, campaigns, and current events; but also, to inspire them to get involved in their government. I am hoping to bring a new generation of voters to the polls that will care about the advancement and safekeeping of our communities. 

During this campaign dozens of teachers have reached out to me in email, through phone calls, and in person both in public and while I have visited schools. They all wanted to express their desire to see a change in our education system. The message is clear: Teachers want better representation in Nashville that will bring change to this failing system.

The current State Representative incumbent, Terri Lynn Weaver, received a near failing grade based on her voting record for the advancement of public education via the TSS (Tennesseans for Student Success), a non-profit, statewide organization committed to improving student achievement in Tennessee. TSS publishes this scorecard to ensure parents, teachers, and advocates for high-quality public education have, at their fingertips, a detailed analysis of each legislative session, its impact on public education, and an easy-to-understand report on how each member of the Tennessee General Assembly voted on the policies that drive student achievement in the state.

I ask that you consider the future of education system, I ask that you consider giving your support to me and my campaign, and I ask for your vote in the Republican primary next August. Find out more about my campaign platform and message at I can also be emailed at”

Paid for by Chad Williams for Tennessee

Terri Lynn Weaver, received a near failing grade based on her voting
record for the advancement of public education. Link:

Hundreds attend Carfi Meet and Greet

Over 100 people from all over Smith County attended the Meet and Greet for Mary Alice Carfi on October 21, held at the Historic Smith County Courthouse. the event was free and gave everyone an opportunity to talk to Mary Alice personally.

Only one candidate is on the ballot for both primaries. State Representative Mark Pody is looking to move to the upper chamber and is on the Republican primary ballot. Wilson County attorney Mary Alice Carfi is the lone candidate on the Democratic primary ballot. They will face each other in the General Election set for December 19th.

Voting begins for the Special 17th Senatorial District Race

Who will be our next State Senator?

View Results

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Early voting begins Wednesday (October 18) for the Special 17th Senatorial District Republican and Democratic primaries, set for November 7th.

The election is the result of a vacancy created in the district when State Senator Mae Beavers resigned to focus on her gubernatorial campaign. The District includes DeKalb, Smith, Macon, Cannon, Clay and Wilson counties.

Only one candidate is on the ballot for both primaries. State Representative Mark Pody is looking to move to the upper chamber and is on the Republican primary ballot. Wilson County attorney Mary Alice Carfi is the lone candidate on the Democratic primary ballot. They will face each other in the General Election set for December 19th.


Location – Smith County Election Office 122 Turner High Circle, Suite 105, Carthage, TN 37030

Dates – October 18 thru November 2, 2017

Hours – Monday – Friday 8 am – 4 pm Saturdays 8 am – 12 pm


Location: At your Precinct Hours – 7 am – 7 pm

*Schools will not be closed on Election Day. Early Voting is available at the location and times listed above for voters who want to avoid heavy traffic during drop off and pick up times at the schools on Election Day.

Voting Early by Personal Appearance

Any registered voter who lives and is registered in Smith County may vote early during the dates and times listed above. A voter desiring to vote early by personal appearance shall go to the Election Commission Office, sign an application to vote and cast their vote on a voting machine.

Photo ID Requirements

State law requires all voters who vote by personal appearance to present a US or TN government issued photo ID. For more information regarding exemptions and acceptable forms of photo IDs, please contact our office.

Voting by Mail

To vote an absentee ballot by mail, the voter must make the request in writing and include their name (as registered), social security number, date of birth, residence address (911 address), mailing address (if different from residence address), the election(s) they wish to vote in and political preference if voting in a Primary, the reason they are requesting to vote an absentee ballot and their signature. We will accept written requests by mail, fax, or email during the dates listed above. Requests may be mailed to the Smith County Election Commission at the address listed below.


Sample Ballot:

Mary Alice Carfi’s Campaign Kickoff Is Tonight

Mary Alice Carfi for State Senate

LEBANON, TENNESSEE – Mary Alice Carfi, candidate for state Senate District 17, will hold her official campaign kickoff tonight from 6-8 p.m., at The Capitol Theatre, 110 West Main St., Lebanon.

The kickoff is an opportunity for voters throughout the six counties in District 17 – Cannon, Clay, DeKalb, Macon, Smith, and Wilson – to meet Carfi before the special General Election on Tuesday, Dec. 19.

“I look forward to meeting the voters and learning about their concerns for the future of District 17 and Tennessee,” Carfi said.

Senate Caucus Chair Jeff Yarbro of District 21 in Nashville will be in attendance, along with Tennessee Democratic Party Chair Mary Mancini, and Lebanon-native state Rep. John Ray Clemmons of District 55 in Nashville.

For more information, please visit Carfi’s website at

Karl Dean for Governor Announces Additional Staff, Memphis Campaign Office 

NASHVILLE, Tenn. –  Karl Dean for Governor is ramping up its organizational capacity and preparing to open a second campaign office later this fall in Memphis, as Dean continues to talk “Jobs and Family Across Tennessee.”

Today, Karl Dean for Governor announced additional staff who have joined the Dean team since the campaign first announced staff hires this spring:

  • Political Director: Danny Glover joins the campaign this week after recently having served as the National Outreach Director to Historically Black Colleges and Universities on Bernie Sanders’ 2016 presidential campaign. Glover has previously managed four races in Tennessee and was student body president at Tennessee State University from 2010-2011. Glover will be based in Memphis.
  • Communications Director: Sophie Friedman joined the campaign in August, and has worked as an advance lead for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign and communications staffer in the U.S. Senate.
  • Finance Director: Wilson County native Nicole Dorris also joined the campaign in August and brings a decade of fundraising experience back to Tennessee, having led fundraising teams on Congressional and state campaigns across the country.
Karl Dean for Governor has also tapped veteran campaign fundraising consultant Cathy Thomas and Finance Assistant Ariba Qureshi. Colby Woodis continues in his role as Special Assistant. Janel Lacy, a long-time Dean aide, will remain serving in her role as senior communications consultant.

“Anne and I are excited to announce the growth of our team as we build on the momentum of the past six months and look ahead to expanding our campaign reach this year and into early 2018,” Dean said.

“Traveling to now 68 counties and counting, it’s evident people are concerned about three primary things: where they can find good jobs, public schools, and access to affordable health care for their families. People want pragmatic approaches to our shared problems, not partisan politics, which is why I’m proud to say we have remained focused on talking about solutions to support Tennessee jobs and families.”

The first six months of Dean’s candidacy have built a strong foundation for the campaign moving forward. During the first half of this year, Dean was able to raise the largest one-time haul of any Democratic candidate in Tennessee in a decade. More recently, Dean has led a two-month, statewide “Talking Jobs and Family Across Tennessee” tour to highlight the issues he believes matter most to Tennessee families: good jobs, public schools, and healthcare.

In addition, Dean has received public endorsements from former Congressman Lincoln Davis and Road Sprinkler Fitters Local Union No. 669 in recent weeks.

Diane Black: President Trump’s Immigration Principles are a Strong Step to Securing Our Border and Keeping Americans Safe

Nashville, TN – Today, Diane Black released the following statement regarding the immigration principles released by President Trump yesterday:

“I applaud President Trump for taking a strong step to secure our borders and keep Americans safe. The President has been consistent in his efforts to stop illegal immigration and make sure that we put Americans first. I support him and I hope every Republican does the same.

I’m glad the President has included some of the provisions from my bill with Senator Toomey (H.R.400 –  Stop Dangerous Sanctuary Cities Act) to end sanctuary cities and make sure that liberal politicians around the country can’t ignore the law and put their citizens in danger. It’s something we need to do, and I support President Trump’s efforts to do it.”

Rep. Weaver receives TN Champion of Prosperity Award

Article courtesy of Dwayne Page with
James Amundsen, Deputy State Director for Americans for Prosperity, presented Representative Terri Lynn Weaver the “Tennessee Champion Award”

State Representative Terri Lynn Weaver has received the “Tennessee Champion of Prosperity Award” from Americans for Prosperity – Tennessee (AFP-TN), the conservative grassroots organization fighting for lower taxes and limited government.

James Amundsen, Deputy State Director for Americans for Prosperity, presented Representative Weaver the award at Angie’s Diner in Smithville Friday during her monthly “Coffee and Conversations” meeting with constituents.

The “Champion of Prosperity” award is given to select lawmakers who scored 90 or higher in AFP-TN’s biannual legislative scorecard and voted against raising the gas tax.

“Today I presented Representative Weaver with our “Champions of Prosperity Award” which is in recognition for her support for free market economic policies throughout the legislative session. Terri Lynn has scored really high on our biannual legislative scorecard. We are also recognizing the fact that she stood up in defense of taxpayers in the state of Tennessee with her opposition to the Governor’s Improve Act, which we recognize as being a gas tax increase on the hardest working families in Tennessee. We wanted to make sure she was recognized for all of her efforts. We are doing a tour throughout the remainder of this month recognizing about 40 state legislators, both state representatives and state senators,” said Amundsen.

Representative Weaver said she is honored to receive the award.

“A majority of the people in our district did not want any more taxes. They are taxed enough. We stood our ground. I think we did a very good presentation of the peoples’ voice who didn’t want it (gas tax increase). Unfortunately we lost that battle. It takes a lot of spine to stand up in an atmosphere that is basically overwhelming you but the good news is that I can come back to my district and I can tell the people who sent me down there that I stood strong on this issue and that I will continue to stand strong and remain a voice for people who believe in free market values, capitalism , our constitution, and less government. When 65% of your district did not want this to happen (Governor’s Improve Act) that is a strong voice and I am honored that I am able to represent them,” said Representative Weaver.

Although Representative Weaver opposed it, the state gas tax increase under the Governor’s Improve Act was adopted by the state legislature and signed by the governor earlier this year. It took effect on July 1.


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