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September 2018
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Sarah Marie Smith announces candidacy for Carthage Mayor

I, Sarah Marie Smith, am pleased to announce my candidacy for Mayor of Carthage, Tennessee. Carthage is my hometown, the place where I was born and raised. I care about its people, its history, and its future and would be honored to serve the people of Carthage as your Mayor.

My Roots

I feel blessed that several generations of my family have lived in Smith County, three generations right here in Carthage. My father, Ervin Smith, was a lifelong educator, serving for many years as principal of Smith County High School. My mother, Mary Etta Smith, worked as a secretary in the County Extension Office, helping 4-H members with their projects and record books and assisting FCE clubs. Their years of service to others made a deep and lasting impression on me as a young person.

My brother, Sam Smith, is retired as an Historical Archeologist with the Tennessee Division of Archeology. Throughout his career, he has shared the history of our state and region with others.

I graduated from Smith County High School and received my undergraduate degree from Middle Tennessee State University, where I was elected Vice- President of Student Government. After graduating from college, I worked as a flight attendant with Delta Airlines, serving hundreds of people each month on flights across the United States. Later, I moved to Los Angeles, where I worked as an actress as well as teaching in a public high school.

Several years ago, I returned to Carthage and decided to go back to college for a graduate degree. I received a Master of Arts in Conflict Management from Lipscomb University and began my work as a Mediator listed with the Tennessee Supreme Court. As such, I have worked with cases that included the Davidson County Juvenile Court, the Victim-Offender Program, and other civil and family disputes.

In addition to the mediations, I teach organizations how to manage conflict and help them plan strategies for the future.

My current and past affiliations include Tennessee Association of Professional Mediators – Board of Directors, Leadership Opportunity Smith County, Rotary Club, Smith Co. Historical and Genealogical Society – Vice President, Smith County Fair volunteer, Women in Film and Television Nashville – Board of Directors, Tennessee Screenwriters Association, Tennessee Women in Green, CASA Wilson/Smith Counties Board of Directors, candidate for Tennessee House of Representatives, member of Carthage United Methodist Church.

Why I’m Running

Two requirements for a city government to function well are transparency and citizen involvement.

If elected Mayor, I will ensure transparency in our city government. You will be informed about city meetings well in advance so you can attend and share your thoughts about the issues at hand. I will make readily available at City Hall a copy of the yearly budget for citizens to see how our tax dollars are being spent.

I will hold monthly meetings for residents of Carthage to talk about what is working well in the community and things that might be improved… and to share ideas for how this might be accomplished.

Each week, I will meet with department supervisors to hear how things are going throughout the town. There will also be an open door for employees to talk about ways to make our city services even better.

Our businesses are a vital part of the community. The tax base they contribute is essential to our economy. Their owners will be given a seat at the table and a say in how the city can help make them stronger.

Our town has a limited amount of land space. Development needs to be done in a smart manner. If variances to zoning codes are requested, people will be invited to speak to the impact of this change to their neighborhoods.

Open communication is imperative if we are to have a city government “of the people, by the people, and for the people.”

What’s At Stake

There’s so much to offer in our hometown .. a river front .. recreation on the Caney Fork and Cumberland Rivers .. historic sites .. a lovely Courthouse .. a downtown square with businesses housed in amazing historic architecture.

But the most important part of Carthage is our PEOPLE. Working together, we can make our wonderful town an even better place to live, work, and play. If elected, I promised to do everything in my power to lead the way.

If you’re on board to help make our wonderful town even better, I would greatly appreciate your vote for Mayor of Carthage!

Election Day: November 6, 2018 Early Voting: Sept. 17 – Nov. 1, 2018

(For more about Sarah Marie Smith ~ www.time2mediate.com)

Cole Ebel announces candidacy for Carthage City Council

Cole Ebel

My name is Cole Ebel and I am officially announcing my candidacy for Carthage City Council. My objective is to bring transparency into government, especially local government.

When our form of government was founded, many understood the reasons for divisions of government; divisions that kept power in check. These divisions being the Executive, Legislative and Judicial side. These divisions many times are forgotten at the local level. Too many times, I watch all of these branches work as one, not challenging thoughts, but going along to get along.

We need to work more as a community and rely less on the government. We shouldn’t have to ask permission to exercise individual rights. We shouldn’t have to pay extortion fees to trade freely.

As a representative of not only the citizens of Carthage, but the businesses of Carthage, I will promise to question everything brought before me. I will always raise a motion or second a motion, this way a vote is called upon and citizens can see where their representatives stand on issues, instead of hiding behind a question failing to call.

We do not have a revenue problem, but a spending problem. Because of this, I will never advocate raising taxes, we already pay too much.

I will encourage small business growth and find ways to get government out of the way so businesses can open and operate without the oversight of big brother.

I will work to find solutions to the opioid crisis through medical help instead of continually criminalizing a medical problem.

I will work to find fiscally sound solutions to problems instead of throwing money at the problem. There are always more than two paths forward.

I will work to have the community more involved in decisions that affect their every day lives, with less secretive projects popping up and more canvasing on what is best for the community.

I will work to find ways to give our local businesses a vote in politics. It is a shame that we founded this country on the basis of “No Taxation Without Representation” yet so many businesses in Carthage have zero representation. I will represent those businesses.

Last, I will always stand on principle above all. This is not a position I am running for to elevate myself, but a position I am seeking to represent the citizen. I cannot do this alone nor would I seek to. We must do this together.

I humbly ask for your vote on November 6th. If you have any questions or concerns, or would like to know more about my positions, you may contact me at ColeEbel.com. Thank you.

Donnie Dennis seeks re-election for Mayor of Carthage

My name is Donnie Dennis and I have been proudly serving the citizens of Carthage as mayor for the past four years.  My time in office has been some of the most productive and meaningful of my life, and I am just getting started.

As mayor, I have been involved in numerous projects that are specifically designed to improve the quality of life for everyone in our community.  My staff and I have worked diligently to improve our water and sewage systems.  We have made great progress and are on our way to having the best water and sewage infrastructure in our town’s history.  I have worked hard to provide clean, affordable water for the residents of Carthage.  My team identified the expansion and improvement of our town’s infrastructure as one of Carthage’s most pressing needs.  I am proud to say that our infrastructure is much better today than when I took office.

We have worked to promote quality of life issues throughout Carthage.  We have provided funding for youth programs, our soon-to-be-constructed town amphitheater and walking trails, new protective vests for the safety of our police officers, security cameras at our water treatment plant, and many others, with many more already planned for my second term.  I have established beneficial relationships with state and federal funding agencies, as well as Governor Haslam, to secure funding for Carthage, all of which is designed to promote and further the economic and cultural interests of Carthage and Smith County.

My staff and I are working to recruit new businesses and development partners to our community.  I am committed to developing our assets in a responsible, culturally sensitive, and sustainable manner that promotes smart growth.  Our goal is to continue to enhance the quality of life in our community in order to strengthen our ability to attract a diverse group of development partners to our community.

During my first term as mayor, I have outlined current and future opportunities to enhance our community’s connectivity.  The downtown revitalization plan, highlighted in the Walton Road Historic Byway corridor management plan, delineates further improvements that will connect the entire town of Carthage in a sustainable, livable manner, all in an effort to enhance Carthage’s downtown economic development potential, increase community-wide connectivity, preserve and maintain our unique downtown identity, and continue to enhance our quality of life.  I have done all of this in conjunction with the Carthage Town Council, in an effort to be as fiscally responsible as possible.  I am aware that I am a steward of our town’s financial resources, and as such, I work hard to utilize our funds as responsibly as possible. We have gotten a lot done by utilizing our funds in an efficient, community-oriented manner.

I am proud of my accomplishments as your mayor, and I am proud of the hard work and dedication of my staff.  I look forward to a bright future for our wonderful community, and I look forward to continuing our work to make Carthage all it can be and more.

List of candidates and referendums for November 6, 2018 general election

(Smith County Insider Press) Carthage, Tenn. – Gordonsville and Carthage’s Municipal Election, along with the State General Election will be held on November 6, 2018. The election for Carthage will include a referendum for the Sale of Wine in Retail Food Stores, Mayor and three Aldermen. The Gordonsville election will include three Aldermen. There will also be a Sales Tax referendum on the ballot for the Smith County Government.

Election Day will be on November 6, 2018. Early voting will be held at the Turner Building from October 17 until November 1.

The following is a list of the candidates, offices and referendums that will be on the November 6, 2018 Ballot.

State General Election
  • TN Governor –  4 year term
  • U. S. Senate –  6 year term
  • U.S. House of Representatives, 6th District –  2 year term
  • TN Senate, 17th District – 4 year term
  • TN House of Representatives, 40th District – 2 year term
Smith County Referendum

Sales Tax Referendum: For or Against the Repeal of the Resolution adopted by the Board of Commissioners of Smith County on September 20, 1999 which levies an additional ¾ of 1% local sales and use tax on the same transactions and privileges occurring in Smith County, subject to the Tennessee Retailers Sales Tax Act?

Carthage Mayor
  • Donnie Dennis
  • Sarah Marie Smith
Carthage Aldermen (3)
  • Tracy “TC” Carter
  • Cole Ebel
  • Roy Elthridge
  • Sam Petty
  • Billy “Bill” K. Reece
  • Matthew G. Watts
Carthage Referendum

Sale of Wine in Retail Food Stores Referendum: For or Against the legal sale of wine at retail food stores in Carthage

Gordonsville Aldermen (3)
  • Ronald L. Burton
  • Charles E. Chaffin
  • Michael W. Harpe
  • John Potts
  • Charles E. Proffit


August 2, 2018 Primary Election Results

CARTHAGE, Tenn.—On August 2, 2018, State Primary and County General Elections were held in Smith County, Tennessee. Polls were open from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. on Election Day, and voters had opportunities to vote early prior to that.

Reports from the Smith County Election Commission detailing the election results began to come in around 7:30 p.m. on the night of August 2.

According to the reports, a total of 5469 Smith County citizens voted in the primary race. 2311 of these votes were cast on Election Day, and 3158 were submitted during Early Voting.

11,581 registered voters currently live in Smith County.  47.22% of those voters went to the polls on Election Day.

Read below for a complete list of August 2018 Election results for Smith County. Winners of each race are indicated in red.

8 of 8 Precints Reported
Totals Election Day Early/Absentee
Governor (Republican)
Diane Black (R) 957 441 516
Randy Boyd (R) 669 278 391
Beth Harwell (R) 385 181 204
Bill Lee (R) 1954 842 1112
Basil Marceaux Sr. (R) 9 1 8
Kay White (R) 10 2 8
Write-In 6 2 4
United States Senate (Republican)
Marsha Blackburn (R) 3125 1349 1776
Aaron L. Pettigrew (R) 483 225 258
Write-In 9 6 3
US House – District 6 (Republican)
Bob Corlew (R) 826 355 471
Judd Matheny (R) 223 133 90
Christopher Brian Monday (R) 48 32 16
John Rose (R) 2447 995 1452
Lavern “Uturn Lavern” Vivio (R) 200 108 92
Write-In 5 4 1
TN Senate – District 17 (Republican)
Mark Pody (R) 2988 1305 1683
Write-In 20 14 6
TN House – District 40 (Republican)
Terri Lynn Weaver 2138 981 1157
Chad Williams 1836 737 1099
Write-In 1 1 0
State Excutive Committeeman (R)
Jerry Beavers 1456 648 808
Dwayne Craighead 1294 586 708
Write-In 7 6 1
State Excutive Committeewoman (R)
Terri Nicholson (R) 1245 566 679
Jennifer Franklin Winfree (R) 1464 659 805
Write-In 4 3 1
Governor (Democratic)
Karl Dean (D) 1132 437 695
Craig Fitzhugh (D) 68 28 40
Mezianne Vale Payne (D) 36 20 16
Write-In 3 2 1
United States Senate (Democratic)
Phil Bredesen (D) 1178 455 723
Gary Davis (D) 48 24 24
John Wolfe (D) 24 14 10
Write-In 2 0 2
US House – District 6 (Democratic)
Dawn Barlow (D) 504 205 299
Christopher Martin Finley (D) 188 73 115
Peter Heffernan (D) 85 41 44
Merrilee Wineinger (D) 166 58 108
Write-In 4 1 3
TN Senate – District 17 (Democratic)
Mary Alice Carfi (D) 1067 415 652
Write-In 1 1 0
State Excutive Committeeman (D)
Aubrey T. Givens 904 368 536
Write-In 1 0 1
State Excutive Committeewoman (D)
Carol Brown Andrews (D) 965 385 580
Write-In 3 0 3
County Mayor
Willie B. Bane 173 82 91
Mark Jones 1664 712 952
Jeff Mason 2409 949 1460
Ricky Slack 175 85 90
Billy M. Woodard 940 437 503
Write-In 7 4 3
County Commissioner – 01 Defeated
Terry Givens 371 167 204
David Morgan 69 33 36
Jason Powell 420 201 219
Glen Reece 369 166 203
Kerry (Bud) West 173 80 93
Write-In 3 2 1
County Commissioner – 02 Tanglewood
William S. (Billy) Bass 491 175 316
Larry Eddlemon 249 84 165
Greta Anderson Kirby 336 105 231
Jason Stewart 368 126 242
Write-In 3 2 1
County Commissioner – 03 New Middleton
Daniel D. Cripps 357 166 191
Dalton Paschal 326 152 174
Jimmie Winfree 364 176 188
Write-In 3 1 2
County Commissioner – 04 Rock City
Erika Ebel 211 128 83
Matthew J. Inyart 194 88 106
Shannon Minchey 296 143 153
Ronald Shoemake 232 115 117
Write-In 3 3 0
County Commissioner – 05 Gordonsville
Colby McKinney 574 228 346
Linda Lou Nixon 436 175 261
Write-In 89 42 47
Write-In 16 8 8
County Commissioner – 06 Carthage
Barbara Kannapel 256 85 171
Charles (Chas) Kent 261 90 171
Billy “Bill” K. Reece 272 104 168
Write-In 4 3 1
County Commissioner – 07 South Carthage
Tommy L. Bane 248 74 174
Randy Lee Glover 197 62 135
Dennis J. Hackett 213 75 138
Steven Patrick Lish 210 61 149
Joey Nixon 367 113 254
Write-In 0 0 0
County Commissioner – 08 Elmwood
Thomas Allen Gibbs 344 136 208
David Gross 360 170 190
Scott “Murf” Murray 173 78 95
Frank Eldon Woodard 288 131 157
Write-In 1 0 1
County Trustee
Lee Ann Williams 4868 2065 2803
Write-In 13 4 9
Smith County Sheriff
Michael F. Guerra Jr. 483 257 226
Steve Hopper 4759 1955 2804
Write-In 6 5 1
Circuit Court Clerk
Tommy Turner 4795 2018 2777
Write-In 6 2 4
County Clerk
Clifa Norris 4804 2048 2756
Write-In 25 10 15
Register of Deeds
Peggy Lancaster Massey 2355 1003 1352
Jerri Lin Vaden-Malone 2879 1193 1686
Write-In 3 1 2
School Board Member – 03 New Middleton
Jeremy Johnson 309 168 141
Marty McCaleb 328 154 174
Write-In 1 0 1
School Board Member – 04 Rock City
Joe E. Taylor 467 238 229
Write-In 10 7 3
School Board Member – 06 Carthage
Pat Nixon 217 65 152
Ricky Shoulders 223 89 134
Write-In 0 0 0
School Board Member – 08 Elmwood
Tina L. Gantenbein 193 73 120
Scotty Lewis 358 182 176
Write-In 0 0 0
South Carthage Mayor
Barney Gann 86 33 53
Timothy Harold Grisham 65 26 39
Hollis Mullinax 165 58 107
Write-In 6 0 6
South Carthage Alderman – Ward 1
Shane A. Gregory 100 41 59
Write-In 1 1 0
South Carthage Alderman – Ward 2
David Silcox Jr. 170 60 110
Write-In 1 0 1


You can view the reports on the Election Commission website here.

Jeff Mason elected Mayor of Smith County

CARTHAGE, Tenn. — For the past several months, campaign signs for the five candidates running for Mayor of Smith County have dotted the landscape. The results of the much-anticipated mayoral race were announced on August 2, 2018, and it was determined that Jeff Mason will be the next Smith County Mayor.

Jeff Mason is a lifetime Smith County resident. He grew up in South Carthage, and he currently resides in the Plunkett’s Creek community with his wife Amanda and their three children, Maggie, Lou, and Jax Mason. 

According to his initial campaign announcement, Mason was raised to understand the value of hard work, and he is committed to serve the citizens of Smith County. As mayor, he will focus on bringing high-tech, high-pay jobs to the county and strive to continue the path of opportunity and growth that the current administration has established. 

“It’s a good night!” Mason exclaimed in a phone conversation with Smith County Insider soon after the results of the election came in. Mason described the atmosphere of the room where his campaign team received the results as “a mob of happy, orange shirts.”

Mason won the election with a total of 2,409 votes, which amounted to 44.88% of the 5,368 votes cast in the mayoral race.

Upon receiving news of his win, Mason humbly extended his appreciation to the voters of Smith County. He also thanked God, his friends, family, and the people who worked behind the scenes and on the front lines of his campaign. 

“We’re glad to see the fruits of our labor,” Mason said.

Current Smith County Mayor Michael Nesbitt was on the phone to congratulate Mason, and Nesbitt made clear that his door would be open to him anytime he needed advice. “I’ll do everything I can to help make this a smooth transition. I believe you’ll do a good job. I believe your heart’s in a good place,” Mayor Nesbitt told Mason.

“We’ve got a lot of work to do, but I’m prepared and ready to go to work,” Mason said.

In closing, Mason thanked the voters of Smith County again, and he congratulated his fellow mayoral candidates for the way they conducted their campaigns. Mason also thanked Mayor Nesbitt for his dedication and service to Smith County.

“I look forward to getting started. And I’ll probably see you Monday morning!” Jeff told mayor Nesbitt in closing. 

Mayor Nesbitt will end his 16-year mayoral term on August 31, 2018. Mason will officially step in to the role of Smith County Mayor on September 1, 2018. 

You can listen to Smith County Insider’s phone conversation with Mayor-elect Mason here. You can also learn more about Jeff Mason by reading his campaign announcement. 


Low early voting turnout reported; Election Day set for Thursday, August 2, 2018

CARTHAGE, Tenn. — The Tennessee Secretary of State has released reports revealing the total number of absentee and early votes in Smith County. The totals appear to be slightly lower than those in the past few election cycles.

Early Voting began on July 13, 2018, and continued through July 28, 2018. Smith County residents were able to cast their votes at the Turner Building in Carthage, Tennessee, between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. on weekdays and from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. on Saturdays.

According to reports published by the Secretary of State, a total of 3,146 voters showed up at the polls during Early Voting. Of those voters, 2,297 cast votes in the Republican Primary, and 811 voted in the Democratic Primary. 

Four years ago, 3,211 voters participated in Early Voting during the 2014 State Primary and County General Elections. Comparatively, 4,317 voters voted early in the 2010 State Primary Election.

Early Voting totals for the 2016 General Election were even higher, with 4,756 Smith County residents voting early. 4,035 residents voted early during the General Election in 2012.

More results from recent elections can be found on the Tennessee Election Commission’s official website.

Smith County residents who did not vote early will have the chance to cast their votes on Election Day, which is set for Thursday, August 2, 2018. Polls will be open from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Read below to see the voting locations for all 8 Districts in Smith County:

District 1 – Defeated 

The Carver Barn

315 Defeated Creek Highway

Carthage, TN 37030


District 2 – Tanglewood 

Smith County Motor Company

211 Dixon Springs Highway

Carthage, TN 37030


District 3 – New Middleton

New Middleton Elementary School

402 New Middleton Highway

Gordonsville, TN 38563


District 4 – Rock City

Union Heights Elementary School

663 Lebanon Highway

Carthage, TN 37030


District 5 – Gordonsville

Gordonsville Municipal Building

63 Main Street East

Gordonsville, TN 38563


District 6 – Carthage 

Chamber of Commerce

939 Upper Ferry Road 

Carthage, TN 37030


District 7 – South Carthage

Senior Citizens Building

120 Pauline Gore Way, Suite B

Carthage, TN 37030


District 8 – Elmwood

Forks River Elementary School

611 Cookeville Highway

Elmwood, TN 38560


Please remember that Smith County residents must be registered to vote and must be able to present a valid photo ID issued by the Tennessee or U.S. government in order to vote in the August 2 election. 


Mary Alice Carfi Campaign Kick-off set for Tuesday

Paid for by candidate

On Tuesday, July 24th, friends and supporters of Mary Alice Carfi of Lebanon, Tennessee, will gather in the Capitol Theatre to kick-off Carfi’s 2018 campaign for the 17th District Seat in the Tennessee State Senate. The kick-off is an opportunity for voters throughout the six counties in District 17 – Cannon,Clay, Dekalb, Macon, Smith, and Wilson to meet Carfi and learn more about her. Members of the community are invited to join Carfi and her supporters to find out more about Carfi’s campaign and how they may support her candidacy. Food and beverages will be served.


Mary Alice Carfi of Lebanon, Tennessee, candidate for Tennessee Senate, District 17


Campaign event with local supporters to celebrate the launch of Carfi’s 2018 campaign for Senate


Thursday, July 24, at 6:00 p.m. CST


The Capitol Theatre, Auditorium – 110 West Main St. Lebanon, Tennessee 37087

ICYMI: Smith County Mayoral Debate (HD Version)

The Smith County Mayoral Debate was held on Thursday, July 12, at the Historic Smith County Courthouse. The debate was hosted by Smith County Insider and sponsored by Bass Funeral Homes, Powell & Meadows Insurance Agency, R.M. McCaleb Transportation, Joey Nixon for District 7 County Commission, and Hackett’s Discount Drugs.

The debate consisted of 4 of the 5 candidates for Smith County Mayor, Ricky Slack, Jeff Mason, Mark Jones, and Billy Woodard. Smith County Insider was unable to get in touch with the 5th candidate, Willie B. Bane. The debate was moderated by Smith County Insider Reporter, JR Smith. See the HD version of the debate below: 

Jimmy Shane Gregory announces candidacy as a write-in for District 5 County Commission (Gordonsville)

I, Jimmy Shane Gregory, would like to announce my write-in candidacy for Smith Count Commissioner for District 5. That covers Gordonsville, Lancaster and Hickman areas. I have lived in Lancaster community for the past 20 years. I am married to Tina Gregory. We have three children, Jay, Josh and Kelli. We attend Gordonsville Church of Nazarene.

I have served in the military for almost 24 years now with 8 yrs. being active duty in the U.S. Army. I have worked for the Smith County Sheriff Office since 2009. I am currently Sergeant and night shift supervisor.

I have been a member of Gordonsville Volunteer Fire Dept for 14 yrs and serve as Lieutenant. Being able to serve my country and community is something I enjoy. I would like to humbly ask for you vote and support as a write in on election day August 2. Early voting begins July 13- July 28. May God bless our county and its residents.


Smith County Democratic Party providing free rides to polls

The Smith County Democratic Party is providing free rides to the polls to anyone who may need them during this election season.

If you need a ride to the polls to vote, please call (615) 270-2595 and leave a message. Someone will call you back to arrange a convenient pick-up day and time.

Early Voting begins on Friday, July 13, 2018 and continues through July 28, 2018. Election Day is August 2, 2018.


Smith County Mayoral Debate set for July 12, exclusively via Facebook LIVE

Smith County Insider would like to invite you to watch the Smith County Mayoral Debate on July 12, 2018, exclusively via Facebook LIVE. The event will be streamed live on Smith County Insider’s Facebook page, click here to follow.

The debate will consist of 4 of the 5 candidates for Smith County Mayor, Ricky Slack, Jeff Mason, Mark Jones, and Billy Woodard. Smith County Insider was unable to get in touch with the 5th candidate, Willie B. Bane. The debate will be moderated by Smith County Insider Reporter, JR Smith.

The debate is schedule to begin around 7:00 PM on Thursday, July 12.

We invite you to submit a question for the Smith County Mayor candidates in the form below. Questions will be picked randomly. (We ask that you only submit one question per person)

VIDEO: Rally on the River at the Smith County Fair

The Smith County Fair’s first-ever Rally on the River took place on Wednesday night, July 4th, 2018. All candidates were invited to attend. 22 candidates participated and each candidate was given up to three minutes to speak to the crowd. Free watermelon was sponsored by the candidates for everyone who attended.

See video below:


Cumberland Valley Realty & Auction
Upper Cumberland Electric Membership Corporation
DTC Communications
Ad Placeholder
Smith County Drug Center