Crosses light the way as community participates in “aCROSS Smith County” movement

December 5, 2019

by Rachel Petty

If you’ve taken an evening drive through Smith County lately, you may have noticed a number of glowing crosses illuminating your path.

Big, small, simple, or dazzling, these crosses aren’t a coincidence; they are a coordinated effort thanks to the aCROSS Smith County Community Lighting Project.

This project, spearheaded by Robin Underwood and her family, began last year as “aCROSS Sykes.”

“I thought wouldn’t it be neat for children and families to drive thru a community and be reminded of the true meaning of Christmas,” Robin said.

The aCROSS Sykes project encouraged residents of the Sykes community to erect crosses and invited folks to come see the crosses on full display. Over 40 lighted crosses dotted the landscape between Brush Creek and Hickman last Christmas season.

Last year’s event may have only focused on one community, but this year, Robin wanted to expand the scope of the project to include all of Smith County.

aCROSS Smith County 2019 officially began on November 29, but crosses began to pop up in all corners of the county well before that.

Daily, more and more residents, businesses, and churches continue to participate in the project, and each new cross is shared on the aCROSS Smith County Facebook page.

As of Thursday, 350 crosses were registered on the map.

The event will continue until December 31, 2019.

If you would like to participate in aCROSS Smith County, you can register your cross by visiting and filling out the form.

You can find the list of crosses in each community here and see an interactive map of cross locations here.

This Christmas, take some time to slow down on a leisurely drive through our community and reflect on the beauty and meaning of the season. You can use the map as a guide so you don’t miss a single cross…or, just let the crosses light your way!