Pup Parade a Crowd Pleaser at Market Fest

November 14, 2021

Almost a dozen dogs participated in Pups on Parade at the Carthage Market Fest this past weekend.  Market Fest has enjoyed increased enthusiasm with repeat vendors and visitors as this is the 2nd Market Fest event this year.  Community groups,  and vendors selling holiday gifts, crafts, homemade treats and food set up in the parking area of the Carthage City Park parking area.  But the Pup Parade stole the show.

Dog owners and dog families and dog fans came out to support the event.  Canine competitors were divided by age groups and competed for floppiest ears, friendliest, best trained, prettiest, and most energetic.  Ages ranged from 7 months old to 12 years.  A few pure bred canines were part of the show.  Several were “Heinz” variety mixes. One young lab was training to be a service assist aid for his owner.   Another pup participant was a deaf terrier mix.  No one went home empty handed.  Each dog competing this year received a participation ribbon and a winner certificate in one of the categories. One lucky golden retriever was awarded Best of Show. Fans and judges were encouraging as none of the participating dogs or owners were experienced at public performance.   As word gets out about the success of the event, future pups may have a more competitive challenge.  Organizers of the event were pleased and indicated that future pup parades would on the calendar.