Paid for by Danny Irizarry for Smith County Commission

March 1, 2022

My name is Danny Irizarry and I’m running for the office of County Commissioner for District 5 of Smith County. I live on a farm with my wife Kerri in Hickman. I am a Christian and I believe in God and the Son Jesus Christ who died on the cross for our sins and then rose from the dead as my Lord and Savior. I am also Pro-Life. My hobbies include spending time with family on our farm as well as boating, camping, fishing, and hunting. I am Pro-2nd Amendment and support gun ownership as an avid enthusiast of the Great Outdoors. I am for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights that support our God given basic human freedoms and rights. I am for allowing People to have their God given freedom to make their own informed decisions as responsible adults instead of having big government telling the People how to live every aspect of their lives. I am against all local, state, and or federal government lockdowns as well as all mask, vaccine, and or testing mandates. As a County Commissioner, you are tasked with being a good faith financial Steward for the “People’s Money” through the serious matter of voting on county budgets. I believe that raising taxes on the People should always be a last resort when all other feasible, practical, and reasonable options have been exhausted. I believe there are usually ways that budgeting may be improved in order to save money for the county, which should always be the common goal in mind for all involved. There may also be other possible ways of generating revenue for the county that could be taken under consideration. I am for making it easier for small businesses in the county to thrive instead of bogging them down and making it harder for them to survive with more regulations, stipulations, and taxes. It is beneficial for the People of Smith County to be supportive of our small businesses that come into our community in order to help them become better established and self sustaining. I am for development and growth in moderation at the right place and time while applying common sense and keeping Smith County the beautiful rural America farm country that it is. I was a state police officer for over 5 years and strongly support all of our First Responder Heroes on the front lines across our nation! I will NEVER support the crazy ideology to “Defund the Police!” I am a six year Veteran of the Army and support all our hero men and women in the military! I believe I am qualified for the challenges of this position with my background in public service and the financial sector. Through my experience in law enforcement and the military, I have been trained to think ahead, think critically, plan, and prepare. I’ve been successful as a private investor and have also worked as an independent contractor specializing in financial and insurance planning. If elected, I’m ready to assist and help the county in whatever way I can when it comes to maintaining a healthy well balanced county budget while avoiding fiscal deficits and keeping taxes as low as possible. I’m able, ready, and willing to go to work for the People of Smith County if elected by the People of District 5! I want to thank the wonderful People of Smith County for all of your kindness and support to us while announcing and initiating my candidacy and campaign for this office. I’m asking for your continued prayers, your support, and your vote in the County Primary Election on May 3, 2022, and in the County General Election on August 4, 2022.