Terri Lynn Weaver announces re-election for House District 40 State Representative

May 18, 2022
Terri Lynn Weaver

Now that the Tennessee 112th General Assembly has completed the people’s business, State Representative Terri Lynn Weaver announces her re-election candidacy for 2022.

“I am very honored to work for House District 40, which also, due to redistricting, encompasses new ‘fabulous folks’ that I am eager to meet on the campaign trail.” District 40 includes Jackson, Smith, Dekalb, Cannon plus a small portion of the northeastern corner of Wilson County below the Trousdale County line.

Residing in Lancaster on a small farm with her husband Mike of 43 years, Terri Lynn is a singer/songwriter, mother and grandmother who is passionate about her faith in Christ and fulfilling her purpose and calling for such a time as this by representing her district in Nashville.

A conservative in action who does not back down, Terri Lynn fights for family values we hold dear, such as protecting the unborn and end abortion, protecting constitutional rights, preserving our 2nd amendment, less government more freedom and lower taxes. Weaver has a strong consistent track record during her tenure has the voice of the 40th and always puts her district first by sincerely seeking what is best for those whom she represents. “In order for a thumbs up vote, there are three questions I ask when considering policy. Does it grow government? Does it cost working men and women more out of their pocket? Does it infringe on Constitutional rights?

Serving the Fabulous Folks of the Fortieth since 2009, I have been a leader you can trust. Leading the way that removed the Death Tax, Hall Tax, Professional Privilege Taxes, and by creating a business-friendly atmosphere, what happens in Nashville matters so that families and businesses can thrive in the 40th District. My experience has afforded me an understanding of the complexities of government including its limitations. I ask for your vote in the August 4th primary and the November 1st general election. Send me back and together we will continue to make a difference in this great state. Blessings!”