The Yohan Abraham Foundation has donated Chromebooks and carts to both Forks River School and Smith County High School.

Yohan Paul Abraham was born in Calcutta, India, on April 1, 1986 — the first child of Paul and Elizabeth Abraham. Yohan was the oldest of two boys. His younger brother, Stefan is just one year younger.

Throughout his childhood, his family lived in Arizona, Minnesota and Chicago. During this time, Yohan enjoyed hiking, bike riding and volunteering through his church and camp activities.

Purdue was Yohan’s first choice of university upon graduation from his Chicago high school, where he started as a computer science major. While at Purdue, he became interested in the armed forces and joined the United States Army, where he completed two consecutive four year terms.

During Yohan’s service in the Army, he served two consecutive tours in Afghanistan — the first six months spent in Kandahar base, and the second six month deployment at Forward Operating Base Wolverine. During this time, he did a number of duties, including Air Traffic Control for the base and riding as a door gunner on a Blackhawk helicopter. He earned medals for being an exemplary soldier from the Army and NATO for his stints in Afghanistan. After his deployments, he returned to Ft. Campbell and joined Eagle Radio Air Traffic Control unit his honorable discharge.

After the Army, Yohan met Mandy and moved to Elmwood, Tennessee. He restarted his education at Middle Tennessee State University, majoring in Accounting. He found his passion in his studies again and worked at an internship at Deloitte.

Yohan became engaged to Mandy Beaty, an 8th grade teacher at Forks River School. He was a familiar face at FRS, frequently plying both students and faculty with his baked goods — a hobby he picked up after leaving the Army. He also spent many hours volunteering for gate or concession stand duty at the FRS ballgames. Many students and families grew to know and love him during this time until his untimely death from injuries due to an automobile accident.

“We are so thankful to the Yohan Abraham foundation for their generous donation of 20 Chromebooks to SCHS. We strive to add technology each year to our school but with limited funding this is sometimes hard to do. With the help of generous donations like this, we are able to make technology more readily available to our students in the classroom and make learning more fun.” – Jeanie Hix, Principal of Smith County High School

” Yohan and I enjoyed being active members in our community, and it was our hope to be able to continue to give back to the students and staff at Forks River for years to come. Yohan had a love of learning and an interest in innovative technologies. The donation of the chromebooks is a wonderful expression of who Yohan was and what he stood for.” – Mandy Beaty, Teacher at Forks River School and fiance to Yohan Abraham

“On behalf of the faculty, staff, and students of Forks River School, I would like to express our thanks to the Yohan Abraham Foundation for the generous donation of chrome books and a cart. We are grateful for the work that you all are doing to support the education of Smith County students.” – Leslie Pope, Principal of Forks River School

“The worth of donations such as these for our students far surpass the dollar amount paid to purchase them. It is so refreshing to think that every single class period of the day, forty more students will be able to use a device that may be used in class to access textbook and class material, as well as, reading material and resources such as the Tennessee Electronic Library. We are so very thankful to foundations such as the Yohan Abraham Foundation for reaching out to rural districts like ours. We appreciate the generous donation and will miss seeing his smiling face at Forks River ballgames and school events.” – Melinda Spivey, Supervisor of Instruction, Smith County Board of Education

Both schools have received 20 Chromebooks and one cart, each.  It is the foundation’s hope to continue a tradition yearly by providing resources to Smith County schools in Yohan’s memory.

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