True Rescue Saved Several Animals When Their Owner Passed Away

October 27, 2021

It was a really tough day for the team, as they were called to extract 4 cats and 1 Chihuahua from a mobile home in Smith County, TN, where a woman had died from Covid-related symptoms. It was unsure as to how long the woman had been there while deceased, but believed to have been just under a week.

As it turned out, the number of cats in the house was actually 11, plus 1 dog, and they were all very confused and scared. This was extremely difficult knowing the circumstances, and they took the time to extract the cats and dog in a kind, humane manner. All 12 animals were released under their care, and all are on the road to recovery.

The Chihuahua mix, which they found out from neighbors is named Chloe, has some pretty serious medical issues. Not only was she covered in external parasites, plus demodex mange, but she has a near baseball-sized mammary tumor. She will be receiving vet care ASAP, but they are really trying to find her a foster right away. She loves cats (obviously), and loves soft blankets to burrow under. It is clear she has been through a lot, and she needs to be in a quiet, loving environment. She weighs approximately 10 pounds. Please let them know if you can help.

As for the 11 cats, the team will continue to update you with their progress. Several are very sick, and all suffer from internal and external parasites, as well as malnutrition. With over 25 other intakes this week alone, this has put an extraordinary strain on the team, so they would appreciate any help you could give towards their care. Thank you so much for continuing to support their efforts.

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