Traffic stop keeps multiple drugs off the street and arrest of one suspect

January 10, 2023
Bryon Evans

On November 14, Sergeant Junior Fields responded to assist Deputy Robin Bellar with a traffic stop. Mr. Bryon Evans was traveling 70 mph in the 55 mph speed limit zone on the Caney Fork Bridge. As Mr. Evans was being issued a state citation he was informed that a search of his vehicle would be conducted. While processing Mr. Evan’s background it was discovered that Mr. Evans had a prior offense of fleeing.

The search was conducted and resulted in the discovery of 22.63 grams of crystal methamphetamine, 14.23 grams of marijuana, 2.10 grams of blue heroin, 1.56 of heroin, and 3 ½ 10 mg Oxycodone pills. The vehicle was towed and Mr. Evans was sent to the Smith County jail for processing.

Mr. Evans was charged with following counts: possession of controlled substances, possession of methamphetamine, intent to manufacture, sell or deliver a controlled substances, and possession of controlled substances.