Traffic stop in Grant leads to multiple drug charges

July 20, 2022
Christopher Strub

On June 29 Sgt. Matt White observed a vehicle failing to maintain travel in the lane on Grant Highway. He initiated a traffic stop at the intersection of Grant Hwy and Kent Lane. The driver of the vehicle was identified as Christopher Dale Strub, however he was unable to produce appropriate documentation for the vehicle and indicated that his drivers license was not valid.

Strub was asked to exit the vehicle. Deputy Biggs who as assisting in the stop observed a needle in the passenger seat. After a search of Strub’s person drugs were discovered including a bag containing 2.44 grams of crack, a small red bag of . 87 grams of cocaine and a folded dollar bill that contained more cocaine. A search of the vehicle resulted in the discovery of 2 full suboxone pills, 2 pieces of others, 6 used hypodermic needles, digital scales with residue and a magnet box with residue.

Strub was charged with manufacturing/delivery/sale of controlled substance, felony possession of drug paraphernalia, driving on revoked, possession of controlled substances. He was held at the Smith County Corrections Center pending court dates.