Traffic stop for seatbelt violation leads to arrest for methamphetamine

August 11, 2022
Michael Henry

K9 Sgt. Ridge Long and Deputy Robbie Woodard conducted a traffic stop after observing the driver of a vehicle exit the parking lot of a local business and enter the highway without wearing a seatbelt.

The driver was identified as Michael Henry. Henry stated he was currently on parole. The female passenger of the vehicle indicated she was currently on probation. Both were asked to exit the vehicle.

A parole search was executed on Henry. During the search approximately 2.20 grams of methamphetamine was found in his pants pocket. The passenger of the vehicle was asked about drugs being hidden on her person. She handed the officers two glass pipes that contained residue and stated that Henry had asked her to hide them when they were being pulled over.

Upon searching the vehicle one zolpidem pill along with a set of digital scales, a used syringe and cut straw all containing residue. No valid prescription for the pill was provided.

Henry stated that all the found items belonged to him and he did ask the passenger to take and hide the meth pipes. Henry was placed under arrest and transported to the Smith County Criminal Justice Center for booking. He was charged with possession of controlled substances, felony possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of methamphetamine for resale and held with an $8000 bond for future court dates.