tnAchieves Needs 4,500 Volunteer Mentors in One Month

September 20, 2022

With just one month until the October 21, 2022 deadline, tnAchieves needs 4,500 additional volunteer mentors to serve the TN Promise Class of 2023. 14 mentors are still needed in Smith County.

While tnAchieves is more than halfway to its goal of recruiting 9,000 mentors for 2023, there remains a significant need for volunteer mentors. As tnAchieves works to reverse negative college-enrollment trends seen during the pandemic by introducing innovative programs to better serve students, there is no more exciting time to volunteer as a tnAchieves mentor.

Ultimately, tnAchieves mentors help students realize their full potential as a college student. Many TN Promise students will be the first in their family to go to college, and the encouragement a mentor provides can be the push a student needs to achieve college success! “I wouldn’t have gotten this far without a mentor behind me through this journey!” says Shychuria, a tnAchieves college graduate. “They taught me that no matter where you come from, it’s about where you are going! It’s important to chase your dreams!”

tnAchieves mentors not only help students to achieve their college-going goals and contribute to growing their community’s workforce. “Attending college and using TN Promise allowed me to gain a solid academic foundation. It also allowed me to stay home and remain connected with family, friends and my community,” said Sara, a tnAchieves college graduate. “Now that I have graduated, I hope to return back to my hometown to start my career and serve my community!”

tnAchieves mentors help to ensure individual student success, but also the success of their communities long term!

By giving one hour per month, tnAchieves mentors provide critical support and encouragement for high school seniors in their community.  All volunteers are provided training as well as ongoing support from the tnAchieves team. Those interested in applying or learning more can visit

tnAchieves is a privately funded scholarship and mentoring program that seeks to provide an opportunity for every Tennessee student to earn a post‐secondary degree. If you have questions about the tnAchieves mentoring program, please contact Tyler Ford at (309) 945-3446 or

East/West/Middle Tennessee! It’s time to show why we’re the Volunteer State!

Right now–tnAchieves is halfway to its goal of recruiting but they still need 45-hundred volunteer mentors.

With your help—tnAchieves can reverse the negative college enrollment trends from the pandemic.

All it takes is one hour per month!

At last check—14 mentors are still needed in Smith County.

tnAchieves is the partnering organization to the TN Promise which provides an opportunity for every high school senior in our state to go to college tuition-free.

Volunteer mentors support students and can be the push they need to achieve college success.

To apply we have a link on our website (, etc.)—or you can go directly to

The deadline is October 21st. Visit to learn more and apply.