Smith County Weather Report – November 24, 2020

November 24, 2020

by Steve Norris, Smith County Insider Weather Correspondent

Happy Thanksgiving from the weather office! Tennessee weather can sure be active and changeable, and don’t you just love it. After the showers on Sunday, we will have lovely weather on Monday and Tuesday and then go back to windy with showers and thunderstorms on Wednesday, which quickly moves out. We get better weather for Thanksgiving, and then here comes the chance of showers again from Friday through Sunday. Now that is a week of weather that features almost something for everyone.

Next week we will get some colder weather on Monday and Tuesday, and it is not out of the question that there would be some snow flurries in Tennessee sometime next week. Siberia and some of the countries near Russia have seen lots of snowfall this early in the season. This is usually an indicator of an increase of cold and snowy weather for the United States later in the winter, so we shall see.

In this week’s weather question and fact. What is the most snow to ever fall in Tennessee in 24 hours? On March 14, 1993, 30 inches of snow fell on Mount LeConte in the Smokies during the blizzard. If you want to talk weather, you can reach me anytime at