Smith County Weather Report – March 19, 2020

March 19, 2020

by Steve Norris, Smith County Insider Weather Correspondent

We have a chance of rain on just about every day for the remainder of the month. If we are lucky we might sneak in Saturday with a dry day, so keep your fingers crossed!

A big cool down is coming as the high temperatures drop from and 72 on Friday to 52 degrees Saturday afternoon. We will drop into the upper 30s Saturday night but temperatures jump back up into the 60’s by Monday and Tuesday.

Friday is the first full day of spring.

Folks have been coming into my office this week asking if the weather has any effect on the Coronavirus. Epidemiologists tell us that viruses do not like sunlight, and they are hopeful as we move into warmer weather there will be a decrease in the spread of the virus much like the flu which peaks in the winter. While warmer weather may decrease the spread of the virus, we know it does not wipe it out entirely because there have been many cases in Australia and Brazil where it is summertime and very warm. While we can be hopeful that the coronavirus will decrease in the spring like the flu, personal hygiene and proper protection continues to be your best chance of avoiding getting sick. Each week I will update you as I receive more information on the correlation between the weather and the virus.

Steve Norris got his first job at 18 years old doing radio weather. Steve does forecasts for several radio stations and newspapers, and he serves as a severe weather meteorologist for some city governments in the Middle Tennessee area. Steve first became interested in weather when his grandfather bought him a thermometer when he was 10 years old. He has been loving weather for over 40 years.

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