Smith County Weather Report: April 29th, 2021

April 29, 2021

by Steve Norris, Smith County Insider Weather Correspondent

The weekend is looking good with fair to partly sunny skies. We will have highs near 75 on Saturday and close to 80 on Sunday. We get into an unsettled weather pattern from Sunday night all the way through Wednesday with showers and thunderstorms, but it will be warm and humid. We have no cold weather in sight through May 10th.

There have been 11 tornadoes in Tennessee thus far in 2021 with five in West Tennessee, four in the mid state and two in East Tennessee. The strongest was an EF-2 that affected Lawrence, Wayne and Lewis counties on March 25th. We have about another month remaining of tornado season in the volunteer state so hang on; we may not be done yet. We will have to be on guard Thursday for stronger storms because of the warmer temperatures we will have.

Did You know if the Earth didn’t have an atmosphere and oceans, the planets daily temperature would be much like the moon with an average high of 260 degrees and a low of 280 below zero. If you have a question or need weather data, you can reach me anytime at