Shop-a-Round Passport Event on Small Business Saturday – November 26th

November 16, 2022

This Small Business Saturday, November 26, 2022 the Smith County Events Committee and the Chamber of Commerce will Co-Host for a Shop-A-Round Passport Event. The Smith County Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring two cash prizes and the event is FREE to participate in!

How to play:
πŸ‘‰Pick up a passport week of
πŸ‘‰Visit local businesses
πŸ‘‰Learn about them and/or shop with them
πŸ‘‰Get a stamp
πŸ‘‰Complete your passport
πŸ‘‰Turn in at the designated locations!

100% stamped will be entered for $100 cash prize
50% stamped will be entered for a $50 cash prize

Locations for passport pick up and drop off will be posted the Monday before Small Business Saturday.

There will be a table set up somewhere in Carthage on Main Street with goodies and passports as well!!

For local, small business owners:
To be on the passport you must be a chamber member, but there is no other fee. We are seeking businesses that want to be on the passport and that are willing to host a traveling small business for the day so we can support as many locals as possible! If you want to skip the call to participate just email with your business name and if you are willing to host a traveling business!