Search of a residence and vehicle leads to discovery of multiple drugs – one person charged

October 3, 2022
Joseph Phillips

On August 31, 2022 Sergeant Junior Fields, Deputy Nathan Williams and Trooper Palmer went to a residence to question the occupant. The resident, Joseph Phillips, 26 of Gordonsville, initially slammed the door on the officers. After knocking on the door a second time Phillips allowed officers to enter the residence. Officers observed the presence of marijuana in plan view on the coffee table. Additionally Phillips had a bulge in the pocket of his shorts, officers asked about the bulge and Phillips revealed a bottle of diabetes test strips. Officers asked to look at the bottle and upon opening a baggie with approximately 5.67 grams of cocaine was found. Additionally a set of digital scales, methamphetamine pipes and a small about of methamphetamine was found in the residence.

Officers asked about Phillips vehicle. Phillips refused consent to search the vehicle, so K-9 Udo was deployed. He indicated by scratching and sniffing at the driver side door. The positive indication by K-9 Udo allowed officers to search the vehicle. The search resulted in a loaded 9 mm Springfield XDs, a case with a large bag of methamphetamine containing 19.21 grams, a set of digital scales, 8 Cyclobenzaprine pills