SC Lady Owls September Soccer 2022

September 26, 2022

September has been a busy month for the Lady Owls.  On September 6th the team travelled to Greenbrier.  The Lady Bobcats are a 2A team with size and skill, they proved to be a strong opponent.  At the half neither team had been able to successfully find the net. The second half the Lady Owls came out with renewed energy and fire.  The Bobcats had their hands full but still found a way to score the first goal of the game at the 38-minute mark.  The Lady Owls kept scrapping and at the 14-minute mark Aubrey Felice passed to Senior Gracie Green who shot a beautiful shot to the top of the net bringing the game level. The game would end with a 1-1 draw, but it was packed with lots of exciting play.

September 8th the Lady Owls hosted District opponent York.  Smith County scored seven times to the Lady Dragons one.  Seven minutes into the game Kiley Jenkins started the scoring with a solid shot to the back corner of the net.  Six minutes later Senior Chelsae Litton beat the Keeper to a beautiful pass across the front of the net by Gracie Green. Four minutes later Brianna Solomon took a shot that was finished off by Aubrey Felice leaving the keeper stunned. With 14 minutes left in the half Aubrey Felice shot through two defenders where Kiley Jenkins raced to meet the ball and land the goal.  One minute later Kiley Jenkins took a corner that was stopped by Chelsae Litton and Gracie Green met her in battle to score the fifth goal.  The second half secured another goal by Aubrey Felice and Gracie Green and one by York. This was a solid district showing by the Lady Owls who travelled to Gatlinburg the next day to play in the Smoky Mountain Cup.

The Lady Owls travelled to the mountains and despite a string of injuries, they were excited to play. They played Walton Verona from Kentucky, Beech and Harding Academy Memphis. They faced 6A teams and the score sheets didn’t reflect Lady Owls potential, however, the trip was a huge success in regards to bonding, growth and experience.  

At home the next opponent was Watertown on the 15th at Watertown.  The Lady Owls played the game with a lot of the JV stepping up to assist in every way.  Smith County won this game 2-0.  The first goal coming from Aubrey Felice who was covered by no less than four Watertown players the whole game.  Her speed, skill and determination could not be caged.  The second goal came from Gracie Hendry off of a pass from Gracie Green.  Smith County could be very proud of the overcoming of obstacles to ensure the district play stayed intact.

September 20th was Senior Night for the Lady Owls who hosted Jackson County.  Smith County won 4-0, which included a natural hat trick by Sophomore Aubrey Felice.  One of her goals came from an assist by Senior Keeper Eden Daniel.  The fourth goal of the game was thanks to Senior Gracie Green. 

The Senior Lady Owls were recognized pregame and included:  Eden Daniel, Brianna Solomon, Chelsae Litton, Kenzie Keen, Gracie Green, Wendy Tolentino and Ciara Jackson.  The Senior managers included: Elizabeth Rodriguez, Kailey Young and Bolt Ortiz.  Each and every Senior will be missed, and we are excited for their futures. 

At halftime the Lady Owls took the opportunity to recognize the programs 20-year anniversary.  There are so many people who have left their fingerprints on the program over the years and while it would be wonderful to celebrate each of them it would have taken too long.  A few people were singled out to show the impact in the many areas.  Coach Scott Apple, founder, coach, athletic director.  Amy Broyles, longest serving booster, driving force behind acquiring lights for the main pitch.  Coach Lisa Reece, one of the earliest coaches and who has come back to coach and be a vital part of the team.  Coach Kit Jenkins, assistant girls coach since 2017 and also Head Boys coach. Coach Jeremiah Pierson, goalkeeper coach and representative of the growth and success of the program moving forward.  Coach Nicholus Bussell, Head girls coach since 2017, assistant coach prior to that, current Athletic Director.  Carla Vining and Joyce Duke, support of the team during the flood, saving costly equipment and uniforms, booster and fans.  Diann Bussell and in memorial of her mother Faye Bridgewater, Mrs. Faye was the biggest and most interactive Lady Owl Fan up to her passing, Mrs. Diann took over for her to carry on her legacy of support and heart. Mike and Cheryl Jenkins, dedication and support, showing up to every game home and away for both sides of the program and representing our program and county in a very positive way. Vivian Schaffers, team photographer, social media manager and program historian.

September 22nd Smith County travelled to Jamestown to play York.  The Lady Owls continued their undefeated district streak winning 6-0 vs the Lady Dragons.  Kiley Jenkins started off the scoring, followed by Aubrey Felice, Chelsae Litton and Felice would also score number four to finish out the first half of the game.  The second half scorers were Gracie Green and Brianna Solomon.  A clean sheet for Keeper Eden Daniel and her defensive players.  Tuesday September 27th Smith County will host Watertown for their final regular season district match. (submitted by Vivian Schaffers)