Ronnie Burton Announces Candidacy for Gordonsville Mayor

October 5, 2020

Release submitted by candidate.

My Name is Ronnie Burton and I would like to announce my candidacy for the position of Gordonsville City Mayor. I have lived in Gordonsville since 1966 with Shelby, my wife of 48 years. Our two children Chasity Wasmer, and Rusty Burton were raised and graduated in Gordonsville and we have four grandchildren, Caitlyn, Hannah, Samuel, and Lycity which all have attended Gordonsville High School.

I have forty three years experience in the Communications industry in management and operations. Before my retirement I was dealing with yearly budgets in excess of ten million dollars. I believe my forty three years of work experience more than qualifies me to manage the financial and operational duties required by the city of Gordonsville.

Gordonsville is a great community to live in and raise a family. I have seen a lot of improvements and developments in the city over the years. It is essential that our quality of life continues to improve. Recently city sewer service was installed but unfortunately the hookup expense has kept many of our citizens from being able to use this service. When elected I will move to decrease initial hookup fees, allow payment of the fees associated with sewer to be prorated over a 12 month period rather than a lump sum. I will also negotiate a flat rate connection cost with several contractors, approved by the city, in an effort to save residents money on the installation.

Also, In an effort to put the needs of our children first I would also like to announce that when elected I will donate $10,000.00 of the current salary raise recently passed by the city council, in the June meeting, to upgrading and replacing some of the playground equipment at the Gordonsville City Park.

I have several other ideas I would like to discuss with each of you personally and look forward to meeting and talking with each of you prior to the election.

Early voting starts Oct 14th thru Oct 29th. Your vote and support, in this upcoming election, will greatly be appreciated.

Vote Ronnie Burton on Nov 3rd, 2020 – Thank you for the opportunity to serve you and the city.