Press Release: Paddy Sizemore Announces State House Representative Run

April 9, 2020
Paddy Sizemore

Paddy Sizemore set to run for Tennessee House District 40 Representative.

Carthage TN–Paddy Sizemore (I) is proud to announce his campaign for the Tennessee State House of Representatives’ 40th district (most of DeKalb County, all of Smith County, part of Sumner County, and all of Trousdale County.)

In lieu of campaign contributions, for the foreseeable future, Paddy requests that you direct your financial support to Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee to help food banks provide critical help to families in need during the COVID-19 crisis.

Paddy grew up in Sumner County, and lives in South Carthage. He holds a bachelor’s degree in History from TN Tech (2009), and a Master of Science degree from WKU (2015). Paddy works as an independent contractor.

Paddy knows, most of all, people are struggling with the fallout from the coronavirus (COVID-19). Before the virus hit, there were already a whole heap of issues to address, but during this crisis Paddy asserts that we must prioritize public health and the economy.

  • Economy: “Tennesseans have either already lost their jobs or will lose their jobs. Small businesses are struggling everywhere, and many have already closed. We can’t just sit around and hope for the best.”
    • “We’ve got to expand unemployment insurance.”
    • “We’ve got to make sure nobody goes hungry.”
    • “We’ve got to suspend all farm loan payments and protect farmers.”
    • “We’ve got to stop throwing people out of their homes and apartments or shutting off their utilities.”
    • “We’ve got to take advantage of Federal support to help our state and local governments.”
  • Healthcare: “We must stay home, whenever possible, to save lives. If it feels like nothing is happening, that means it’s working.”
    • “We must practice social distancing. Imagine you’re carrying a yard stick and make the person you’re talking to imagine they’re carrying one, too.”
    • “We must take care of our healthcare workers and other essential workers. These people are angels working overtime for us all. They are doing everything they can to keep us safe. We need to help them do their jobs.”
    • “We must build mobile testing facilities and expand our ability to test and to care for all who need it.”

Paddy closes with this statement:

“I entered the workforce during the Great Recession over a decade ago. I had a college degree, but I was thrilled to be making 9 bucks an hour at a car dealership. I had enough hours each week to qualify for an extra $87 a month in food stamps. The economy had collapsed. Times were tough. I couldn’t afford health insurance, but I worked hard and scraped by with a little help.

But that was nothing compared to what lies before us in 2020. This is hitting all of us. Hard work doesn’t cut it when there just ain’t hard work to do.

The aftermath of COVID-19 may be our Great Depression. Families are worried about making ends-meet, yet the bills keep coming in. This is serious. Now is not the time to be conservative in our approach. Like those who elected FDR so many times during The Great Depression, I think we can all agree that we need to vote for a Progressive on November 3rd. And I’m the only one.”

To keep in touch with Paddy and his campaign for District 40 State Representative: