Gordon Borck

The following article was submitted and paid for by Gordon Borck.

I first met Javin Cripps after I was diagnosed with a critical illness and my wife & I enlisted Javin’s wife, Dr. Melanie Cripps, to advise us on what we can do to restore my health.
I already had one friend who had plans to run for the Circuit Court Judge position, so after getting to know Javin Cripps I was faced with the decision that many of us in Smith County are faced with: which friend do I vote for on March 3rd?

I could let my long-standing friendship with Michael Collins persuade me to support him, or I could let the fact that Dr. Melanie Cripps is working to save my life persuade me to support her husband, Javin; but I don’t think either one of those is a valid reason to vote to put a man in a position where he has so much authority over the lives, freedom, and well-being of so many of our friends, family, and neighbors. I had to have better reasons to support someone for the office of Circuit Court Judge.
After getting to know Javin Cripps I have determined to support him for the following reasons:
Javin has spent most of his career as a prosecutor (he is the only prosecutor in the race). He has a history of putting dangerous criminals and drug dealers behind bars instead of back on the streets. But Javin Cripps has also spent time as a Public Defender, so I believe he will be fair. Even as a prosecutor Javin has worked to get victims of drug dealers who are overcome by addiction into a rehab facility and out of jail.

Besides being honest, Javin Cripps is competent in the legal profession and possesses a good judicial temperament.
One more very important reason I’m supporting Javin Cripps for judge is that, in my opinion, he is the only candidate from Smith County who has a clear path to victory in this race due to his broad base of support not only in Smith, but also in Wilson and Macon counties.

I hope many others from Smith County will join me in supporting Javin Cripps for Circuit Court Judge on March 3rd. You can see his info at www.crippsforjudge.com
Elections like this can be divisive, so whether we agree or disagree on who to support, let’s commit to work together as friends and neighbors for the common good of our community after this election is over.

Gordon Borck

This article was submitted and paid for by Gordon Borck and does not necessarily represent the views of any political candidate or smithcountyinsider.com