Multiple tasers required to subdue suspect in Dixon Springs

September 12, 2022
Jessie Newberry

On August 12th Sgt. Junior Fields and Deputy Brady Dodson were alerted to a pursuit by Trousdale County of a male suspect traveling on a motorcycle. Trousdale County relinquished the pursuit at the county line. Smith County responded but were initially not able to make contact with the suspect. After getting assistance from a witness. Officers located the suspect in a yard on Rome Road in Dixon Springs.

The suspect was ordered to stop while he was attempting to get back on the motorcycle. He did not comply and Sgt. Fields deployed his taser. He remained on the motorcycle and continued to try to flee prompting Deputy Dodson to also fire his taser. The suspect then came off the motorcycle and continued to resist and flee on foot. According to the police report, the suspect managed to break free from deputies, requiring Sgt. Fields to fire the taser hitting the suspect in the back. While rolling around on the ground and continuing to resist, taser wires were broken and a forth taser was fired at the suspect. Finally, officers were able to restrain the suspect. Sgt. Junior Fields received a cut on his right hand during the altercation with the suspect

Deputy Nathan Williams arrived to the scene to assist. While the suspect was being held in the patrol car digital scales with a powder residue were located on the motorcycle. The suspect was identified as Jessie Newberry, 28 of Red Boiling Springs. He was transported to the Smith County Correctional Center. Upon arriving to the facility a black zippered back and cut straw was found on the floor board of the patrol car. Upon being searched at the SCCC additional drugs were found on his person including a baggie of heroin, a baggie of methamphetamine and fentanyl. According to the report Newberry attempted to eat some of the drugs that had been located when they fell out on the floor.

Newberry faces multiple charges including manufacturing/distribution/selling of controlled substances, possession of methamphetamine for resale, possession of drug paraphernalia with intent to use, possession of controlled substances, 2 counts of assault on a first responder, introduction of contraband into jail, tampering with or fabricating evidence and resisting arrest. He was held with a bond of over $50,000 and will face future court dates.