A Granville man wanted for violation of probation in Smith County was arrested on multiple charges during a traffic stop on Dixon Springs Highway Saturday, June 3.

Deputy Matt Bush of the Smith County Sheriff’s Office passed a white Chevrolet Silverado while on patrol — the driver of which he identified as being Jesse Dale Francis (33, Granville), who Bush had prior knowledge of having a warrant out of Smith County, according to the arrest warrant.

Bush confirmed the warrant through dispatch, which was advised as being active for violation of probation out of Smith County.

Bush turned around and made contact with Francis and conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle due to the active warrant.

Upon making contact Francis, Bush asked for his license, registration and proof of insurance.

Bush checked the license through dispatch, which advised the license was revoked out of Smith County for DUI in November 2014.

Bush asked Francis to step out of the vehicle and then placed him under arrest.

During inventory of the vehicle prior to being towed by Dale’s Towing, Bush located a small, clear bag that contained 18 Hydracodone 10 mg pills (schedule II) and a Suboxone Sublingual 8 mg film (schedule III) inside the middle console.

Francis was transported to the Smith County Jail Facility for booking.

He is charged with violation of probation, possession of controlled substances, simple possession of narcotics and driving on a revoked license.

Jesse Dale Francis