(Smith County Insider Press) Carthage, Tenn. – On Tuesday, August 25, you might have seen a man walking along highway 70 toward Carthage. This man was Ryan Ray of Los Angeles, California. Ray is a motivational speaker, explorer, and writer, and he is on a 3000 mile journey from Santa Monica, CA to New York, NY. He has walked for 131 days so far and plans to continue walking until he reaches New York on October 10th. Along the way, Ray has encountered hundreds of thousands of people and has passed through thousands of towns.

On Ray’s website, http://ryanray.com, he has a live GPS so that anyone can see where his current location is. He encourages his fans to use his GPS to find him so that they can come take a selfie with him, give him a high-five or get a sweaty hug. Ray also uses his website for people to sign up to be potential host homes for him to stay the night along his route so that he does not have to sleep in a tent. He has had a host home 101 out of the 131 days that he has traveled.

To find out more details about Ryan Ray and the reason for his trip, be sure to check out his website, http://ryanray.com or click HERE to like him on Facebook.

A few Smith Countians stopped to take a selfie with Ray, see the pictures below.