Major Drug Bust: Trio Arrested in Smith County After Attempted Methamphetamine Deal

March 19, 2024

Sgt. Junior Fields, along with Deputy Levi Grigg and Officer Ian Grigg, apprehended three individuals during a routine check at Pilot on February 2, 2024. The event occurred after observing suspicious activity involving a white Saturn on Gordonsville Hwy.

The driver, identified as Mr. Steven Thornburg, was accompanied by passengers Mr. Franklin Wesley Newton III and Mr. Dylan Keys. Sgt. Fields approached the vehicle after noticing multiple individuals in and out of the car for over 20 minutes. Upon inquiry about the ownership of the vehicle, Mr. Newton claimed it was his, disclosing their intention to travel to Nashville to pick up drugs.

An investigation revealed that the trio was traveling to acquire three ounces of Crystal Methamphetamine from Mr. Keys’ dealer, with each contributing $600 for the transaction. The vehicle, provided by Mr. Newton, was being used to facilitate this illegal exchange.

During the arrest, Mr. Thornburg was found in possession of a pill identified as Tizanidine and a small amount of heroin. Two glass methamphetamine pipes were also discovered within the vehicle. Mr. Keys said he had attempted to arrange for his dealer to bring the methamphetamine to Smith County but was unsuccessful which led them to head to Nashville for the exchange.

All three individuals, Mr. Thornburg, Mr. Newton, and Mr. Keys, were taken into custody and transported to the Smith County Jail for processing. A search revealed that Mr. Thornburg was driving on a revoked license, issued in Washington County, TN, since August 18, 2021 and also an active warrant in Smith County for Failure to Appear.