Local Poker League Collects Cans for Help Center

January 7, 2021

Carthage, TN – (January 1st, 2021) Ebel’s Tavern Poker League collected 2,732 cans for the Smith County Help Center, located in Downtown Carthage. The Help Center is a non-profit organization helping those in need of assistance with food, utilities and emergency needs. It operates on donations made by concerned individuals, businesses and churches.

Ebel’s Tavern, a local restaurant known for its “American Surf & Turf”, atmosphere and live events, started a free Wednesday night poker league over the summer. What began with just a simple fun game between friends, developed into a National League Slot, competing with other leagues across the nation. The league boasts of nightly prizes of gift cards and increases all the way up to seats being awarded for cash games in Las Vegas.

While prizes are a huge incentive, the biggest incentive is the community it provides. “This game has brought together people who never knew each other and created lasting relationships that have gone beyond just poker.” says Shenia Pellum, the league organizer. “To see the camaraderie that has developed among the players, manifest into love and service to our local community has been absolutely amazing!”

“This can be a win for everyone in the community. You’ve got a bunch of people who love to hang out with each other and are so inclusive and welcoming of everyone to the table.” says restaurant owner, Cole Ebel. “Why not incentivize those same great people to raise donations for a good cause while having fun? The beauty of it all is it’s 100% voluntary.”

The league will be collecting donations for the Smith County Pregnancy Help Center next month, including diapers and wipes. The Pregnancy Help Center offers life-affirming compassionate care to women, men and children who face pregnancy related issues.

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