Jay Farrell exhibit at the Carthage Junction Depot Oct. 1st

September 21, 2022

The Carthage Junction Depot is pleased to exhibit the works of photographers and author, Jay Farrell. His recent book series captures the beauty of abandoned places across several states. Asked to describe his work, Farrell replied, “If I were asked to choose one single thing that fascinates me most about exploring the abandoned and forgotten places on our green earth, it would be impossible. Only the vision of an artist can bring to life the beauty in a distressed, blighted building seen merely as an eyesore by most of the public. Part of that beauty is the texture mixed with aged paint, rusted steel, and fragments of the past left behind. That character mixed with the right light, shadow, and composition brings that vision to life. 

The thrill of the hunt; finding these abandoned and forgotten treasures, and the experience of exploring them inside and out is another aspect of my passion. The sound of dormant brush, broken glass, creaking boards under my feet as I navigate my way through invigorates the audible part of my senses. Looking for the best photo opportunities, while simultaneously envisioning the building’s past life, and those who left it behind inspires my visual and creative senses. 

For the better part of two decades, I have explored many abandoned houses in the backwoods, factories in former industrial areas, and many more forgotten varieties of structure. Originally, I was most intrigued by the blight, texture, and the sheer desolation that only someplace abandoned could offer. I frequently brought models to abandoned buildings to do photoshoots, as it was a perfect mood and contrast to their pure beauty. Over the past several years, I have put more effort into photographing the buildings, particularly as urban gentrification has taken over, and travel has been required to find my ideal places”. 

Since becoming a published author with Fonthill Media as part of the abandoned series, starting in 2018,  Farrell has taken a significantly deeper interest in the history of the buildings and surrounding areas.  His goal has always been, and always will be taking the viewer on these adventures. Though research and community outreach he has made these experiences three dimensional for both himself  and his audience. 

Upon having the dream for several years of making farrellgallery.com my online art gallery shop, it came to reality and He is now selling printed goods / wall art of his favorite works on the website. He has  four separate galleries on the website. The backroads gallery includes mostly old farmhouses, nostalgic finds, and roadside antique cars and trucks from my rural explorations. Industrial gallery is for those who like abandoned factories and urban decay with rich color and texture. The travel gallery is from my various adventures, near and far; including street photography and scenic views, including beach / ocean sunrise photos. Finally, the artistic gallery is made up of figure study work with female models and conceptual work. often coupled with abandoned buildings. It all ties in. 

Farrell’s gallery exhibit featuring the abandoned will be on Saturday, October 1, from 10 A.M. to 4 P.M. at the Carthage Junction Depot. His favorite works will be on display and for sale. We hope you’ll come by, say hello, browse and perhaps shop to update your decor; and see the metal and canvas prints face-to-face.  Farrell will also have copies of his latest book release, Abandoned Tennessee Treasures on hand, ready to sign and send home with you.