Gordonsville wins 20-0 in battle against Clay County

September 19, 2020


In a game that saw strong defensive performances from both teams, Gordonsville was able to take advantage of some good field position opportunities and beat the Clay County Bulldogs 20-0.

On the opening drive, Gordonsville was able to stop Clay County on three downs, but Gordonsville’s offense couldn’t get anything going. The Tigers were able to push the Bulldogs back, and a Will Dudney interception gave the Tigers the ball back in good field position. Gordonsville looked on the brink of scoring getting a first and goal opportunity, but penalties pushed them back and they were eventually forced to punt on fourth and goal from the 34 yard line.

The Tigers punt pinned Clay County at around the 5, Gordonsville was able to force a second 3 and out, and the Tigers were able to block the punt to get their second attempt at scoring from inside the 10 of the night, and the Tigers took advantage of it, finding the end zone off of a Darrell Holt touchdown, but a missed kick made the score 6-0 midway through the first quarter.

On the next drive, Clay drove down to inside the 10, but the Gordonsville defense stepped up and the Bulldogs were forced to turn the ball back over to Gordonsville. The Tigers offense was able to make a few plays, but had to punt back to Clay County, but Gordonsville’s defense kept their intensity and got the ball back.

On the next drive late in the second quarter, Gordonsville’s offense was able to drive down and Tyler Gregory was able to extend the Tigers lead by running it in from the five for a touchdown and also running in the ensuing two point conversion to make the score 14-0.

The defensive battle continued in the second half, with neither team getting anything going. The Tigers looked to strike first in the second half with a 40 yard field goal attempt midway through the third quarter, but they were unable to hit the field goal. Gordonsville was able to bounce bac on their next possession, driving downfield and scoring on the first play of the 4th quarter of of a Holt rushing touchdown, but a failed PAT kept the score at 20-0. Neither team was able to get anything else going offensively but Gordonsville was able to get in field goal position late in the game, but a missed field goal with under 2 minutes left led Gordonsville to keep their 20-0 lead to advance to 3-2 on the season.

What’s next for the Tigers?

The Tigers will travel to Coalfield next week on 9/25.