The family of Keith Williams gathers on Turney Ford Field for a press box dedication ceremony.

On Friday night, The Gordonsville High School football press box was dedicated in memory of the late Keith Williams.

Keith’s family was called onto the field for a dedication ceremony and then presented with a plaque that reads, “To the family of Keith Williams in recognition of his dedication and support of Gordonsville High School. We dedicate our press box in his memory for the countless hours of hard work and pride for the Gordonsville Tigers.”

The longtime radio voice of the Gordonsville Tigers, Keith passed away in April of this year. 

Keith was a GHS alumni and an accomplished athlete who played both football and basketball while in school. He graduated in 1972.

Keith began calling Tiger Sports in 1999, and his voice was known and loved as one of Gordonsville’s Friday night traditions. 

Now, a sign that says “Keith Williams Press Box” hangs for all to see, helping to ensure that Keith’s legacy and true Tiger spirit will live on.

Keith’s sons Chad and Nathan stand with Keith’s brother John.