by Mary Parker Draper, Extension Agent – Smith County

The University of Tennessee Extension partnered with the Smith County Health Department to offer Walk Across Tennessee in Smith County again in 2020. Walk Across Tennessee is a program that persuades and motivates people of all ages to make that most important change . . . to get started exercising.

Teams of eight worked towards the goal of walking, biking, swimming, etc. “across Tennessee” from Bristol to Memphis. Twenty-two teams and one individual “walked” the distance of Tennessee, a little over 500 miles! This eight-week program concluded on May 31st. 

Thank you to our wonderful Walk Across Tennessee program sponsors: DTC, Smith County Drug Center, Citizens Bank, Sanderson Funeral Home, Riverview Regional, Smith County Health Department, Hackett’s Discount Drugs, Powell & Meadows Insurance Agency, Blackwell Reality and Auction, Wilson Bank and Trust, Smith County Drug Prevention Coalition, and Heartland Real Estate and Auction. Because of our sponsor’s donations, each participant received a Walk Across Tennessee T-Shirt.

The teams for this year’s Walk Across Tennessee program were: Night Owls Team 1, Night Owls Team 2, Night Owls Team 3, Night Owls Team 4, SCMS Owls, CIA The Sequel, Smith County Board of Education (BOE), Prevention Pals, Lunachicks, This Means Warfarin, Union Heights Redcoats, Docs Monkeys, Agony of De Feet, The Oh So Hot Tater Trots, The Young and the Breathless, 2 Fast 2 Furosemide, Lost in Pace, The Lazy Gang, Volunteers, Triple K, Fresh Air, Cody Holder, and Faith Steppers. 

Our third place team, Smith County BOE, finished with 2,425.3 miles! Members included Connie Holder, Angel Williams, Stephanie Dyer, Candice White, Heather Wilmore, Meaghan Underwood, Krisitie Glover, and Traci Bratcher.

Second place team-Night Owls Team 2; (Top L-R) Pat Bush, Jeanette Doggett (Bottom L-R) Myrna Huffines. Leanne Hesson, Cathy Kemp, Lisa Harville Grace Harville. Not pictured Bonnie Kemp.

Our second place team, Night Owls Team 2, completed a total of 2776.14 miles! Members included Lisa Harville, Grace Harville, Cathy Kemp, Leanne Hesson, Bonnie Kemp, Pat Bush, Jeannette Doggett, and Myrna Huffines.

First place team-CIA the Sequel; (L-R) Michelle Halliburton, Josh Kemp, Rachel Kemp, Monica Mowdy, Peggy Manning, Nicole Harriman (Bottom L-R) Connie Baxter and Christina Martin.

Our first place team, CIA The Sequel, crossed the finish line with a total of 3,549.67 miles! Members included Rachel Kemp, Nicole Harriman, Chrisitina Martin, Peggy Manning, Monica Mowdy, Michelle Halliburton, Connie Baxter, and Josh Kemp. Congratulations to all the teams for completing this eight-week journey! You all made a huge accomplishment! 

This year awards are as follows: 

  • First place, second, and third, place teams,
  • Janice Fox for being Most Outstanding Team Captain,
  • Most Spirited Team to the Faith Steppers (Alicia Hoffman, Shaina Setzer, Tiffany Gregory, Andrea Hunt, Rachel White, Harley Hoffman, and Jessica Lafferty), 
  • Most Improved Team to Night Owls Team 1 (Janice Fox, Brenda Eller, Laura Piper, Paige Eddie, Jessie Goad, Connie Dyer, Cynthia Draper, and Jill Wilmore), 
  • Most Creative Team Name to Agony of De Feet (Katie Martin, Douglas Martin, Viona Adkisson, William Adkisson, Jimmy Mullinax, Bree Lomax, Barbara Vantrease, and Chris Hicks),
  • Early Bird Team to The Oh So Hot Tater Trots (Lisa Dillingham, Liz Dillingham, Lindsey Hall, Brittany Dillingham, Kelsey West, Stacy Brinkley, Sandra Vaden, and Patricia Hamlet) for getting miles turned in first most of the eight weeks!

Most Outstanding Team Captain-Janice Fox

Early Bird Team-The Oh So Hot Tater Trots; (L-R) Jack and Liz Dillingham, (Jack rode every mile Liz walked), Lindsay Hall, Patricia Hamlet, Stacy Brinkley, Sandra Vaden, Lisa Dillingham, Brittany Dillingham, Kelsey West.

If you are interested in competing in the Walk Across Tennessee program next year, please contact Mary Parker Draper at the extension office at 615-735-2900. 

Check out this week’s “Food for Thought” recipe for Peach Enchiladas! This week’s recipe was submitted by Marcia Tisdale, Elmwood/Chestnut Mound FCE.

Peach Enchiladas

2 8 oz cans refrigerated crescent rolls

2 lbs. ripe peaches, peeled and quartered

1½ cups sugar

1-cup butter, melted

1-teaspoon cinnamon

1 12 oz. can Mountain Dew

Preheat oven to 350°. Unroll crescents into triangles. Place 1 peach quarter on wide end of triangle, roll up and place into greased baking dish. Repeat with each triangle. Stir together melted butter and sugar. Pour over rolls, pour Mountain Dew over crescents and sprinkle with cinnamon. Bake 45 minutes.