Evading Police Leads to Arrest

September 5, 2023

On July 20th, Deputy Nathan Williams conducted a traffic stop at a gas station on the Wilson County Line. The vehicle was initially observed on Lebanon Hwy well into Smith County around the Hiwassee Road area. The driver was observed to not be wearing his seatbelt. When Dep. Williams attempted to turn around and catch up to the vehicle to conduct a traffic stop, it accelerated attempting to get away, later it stopped at the gas station.

Dep. Williams made contact with the driver, Mr. Kenneth Connell. While talking to Mr. Connell, he had a bulge out of his right cheek. After being asked about what was in his mouth, he began to explain it was cotton balls. After being asked to open his mouth a crystal substance in a baggie was observed. Mr. Connell was asked several times to spit out the substance, in which he began to chew it. He began to drink something to wash it down, after the substance could not be swallowed he began to gag and attempted to try and push the substance down with his fingers.Dep. Williams then called for assistance and EMS due to him possibly overdosing. After he refused medical treatment, Dep. Williams conducted a search of the vehicle, locating 1.5 grams of meth.

During the time of the stop, the registered owner of the vehicle was present in the passenger seat. The vehicle was not towed and she took possession of the vehicle. 

Mr. Connell was arrested and was transported to Smith County Jail for processing.