Edward De La Rosa announces candidacy for District 8 Smith County Commissioner

July 26, 2022
Edward De La Rosa

It is my honor to announce my write-in candidacy for 8th district County Commissioner.

I have lived by a motto that has guided my life personally as well as professionally: “My success will always be indirect proportion to those I help”. It’s a mindset I plan to share with those I work with as Smith County Commissioner.

I’ve dedicated my life to working hard, raising my family, and loving thy neighbor. I’m blessed to be married to my best friend of over 30 years and have 2 beautiful children and 3 precious grandchildren.

With more girls than boys, I know a little something about politics, majority rules.

As a Blue-Collar worker, I’ve taken pride in the way I have been able to provide for my family, and I know Smith County is built on the same values that put food on the table.

We love our homesteads, and as citizens, we work hard to maintain what we’ve earned.

In my time managing projects all over this county, state, country and the world, I have made understanding and motivating people my business. But my favorite people are the citizens of Smith County, which is why I am dedicating my life to enriching the lives of my community.

I’ve volunteered and served as a committee member for countless Smith County charity and outreach programs including Smith County Drug Prevention, Bridging the Gap, CASA and Emanuell House. It has been a privilege to consistently be involved in understanding the needs of our citizens by actively engaging and working to overcome the hardships we face as a community.

As 8th district Smith County Commissioner, I will dedicate myself to the district I call my “forever home” and put people before politics.

It is truly the families living in our communities that keep the heart of Smith County beating!

If elected, your public safety would be ensured, our economic growth stimulated, the infrastructure strengthened, our local commerce renewed, local taxes properly utilized, and our elections will be fair.

On August 4th WRITE-IN Edward De La Rosa on your ballot for 8th District County Commissioner. Everyone counts and together we win!