DUI Investigation Leads to 2 Arrests and Children Taken Into Child Services Custody

January 25, 2023

On December 30th, 2022, Sergeant Junior Fields responded to Assistant Deputy Eric Jacob with a DUI investigation on 469 Lebanon Hwy. Sgt. Matthew White also responded to the scene. Upon speaking to the owner of the residence, he admitted to having drug paraphernalia in a camper he shared with Mr. Cory Allen McDowell, and Mrs. Arianna Fowler and their children.

Drug paraphernalia was recovered. Upon speaking to Mr. McDowell and Mrs. Fowler, both admitted they were using cocaine. This was all happening while officers observed Mrs. Fowler breastfeeding her 9 month old child. 

Officers filed a referral to the Department of Children Services, the children were taken into custody of the Tennessee Department of Children Services. Mr. McDowell and Mrs. Fowler were both taken into custody and sent to the Smith County Jail for processing.