The following article was submitted to Smith County Insider by Megan Kinslow, Smith County Health Department:

CARTHAGE, Tenn. – Educating children about the dangers of tobacco should be a top priority for any community and Smith County Middle School is doing just that. Principal Kelly Bell invited health educator, Megan Kinslow and prevention coordinator, Mary Leslie Wakefield to and come teach a middle school curriculum called, “CATCH My Breath” to all students after test week. 

The “CATCH My Breath” curriculum focuses on e-cigarettes and their dangers. During the lesson students were asked what kind of activities they could do instead of using tobacco products. Some of the answers included “play board games, ride a bike, make a healthy snack, and play outside.” At the end of the lesson, each student was asked to create their own hashtag about saying No to E-Cigarettes. There were several good hashtags among the students. However, there was only one winner from each grade. 

Here are the winners from each grade:

  • 5th grade— Madison Farrell #REALOWLSDON’TJUUL
  • 6th grade—  Braden Neal #KEEPCALMANDDON’TJUUL
  • 8th grade— Taylor-Lane Dickerson #STAYINSCHOOLDON’TJUUL

Madison Farrell, 5th grade — #REALOWLSDON’TJUUL


Braden Neal, 6th grade — #KEEPCALMANDDON’TJUUL




Taylor-Lane Dickerson, 8th grade — #STAYINSCHOOLDON’TJUUL

Students also participated in flying kites on Wednesday, May 1 as part of their field day. Principal Bell’s theme was, “If you want to get high, go fly a kite!”

“We want our kids to get the best education here, but you have to work on character and pride in oneself,” Bell said. “That adds up to don’t do drugs. We are teaching them other things to fill their time with fun so they won’t be bored and depressed.”

If you have questions about “CATCH My Breath” call the Smith County Health Department at  615-735-0242.