Collins wins Republican Primary for 15th Judicial District Circuit Court Judge

March 5, 2020

Judge Michael Collins

Michael Collins has won the Republican Primary for Circuit Court Judge in the 15th Judicial District.

Collins carried Smith County with a total of 2,004 votes, which amounted to 63.80%. 

In Smith County, Javin Cripps received 865 votes, Shawn McBrien received 255 votes, and 17 votes were cast for the Write-In candidate. 

Collins also carried the vote in Wilson County. In Wilson County, Michael Collins received a total of 4,986 votes, compared to 3,252 votes for Javin Cripps, 3,726 votes for Shawn McBrien, and 18 votes for the Write-In candidate.

In Macon County, Javin Cripps had the highest number of votes with 849, followed closely by Collins with 842 votes. Shawn McBrien received 189 votes, and 2 votes were cast for the Write-In candidate.

Across the three counties, Collins received 7,832 votes, Cripps received 4,966 votes, McBrien received 4,170 votes, and the Write-In candidate received 37 votes.

Local Republican parties in Jackson and Trousdale counties elected not to vote in this primary election.

Following his victory in the March 2020 Republican Primary, Collins released the following statement: 

“It is a bittersweet day to celebrate a victory in light of the tragedies and loss of life caused by the tornadoes. My prayers go out to all that have been affected.

I am thankful that God has allowed me thus far to be in a position to serve the people of our community.

In this race I am blessed by the outpouring of support from so many throughout our district. I am grateful for the devotion of my wife, my children, my family, and my friends. I am humbled by the turnout in the primary that so many people have put their trust in me.

I looked forward to the next steps and trust that God has a plan.”

Micheal Collins will now face off against Independent candidate Branden Bellar in the August election. No Democratic candidate will appear on the ballot. 

The State Primary election will take place on August 6, 2020. 

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