Clay Faircloth announces run for 6th District U.S. House seat

June 6, 2022
Clay Faircloth

I’m Clay Faircloth, a candidate for Tennessee’s 6th congressional district, and my name will be on the Democratic Primary ballot this year on August 4th and again on November 8th. I would appreciate your prayers, support, and vote! Please visit to learn more about how to get involved! 

I’m a hometown boy, born and raised in Middle Tennessee. My wife and I raised our family in Donelson; however, we did live for a time in Wilson County and in Murfreesboro. We grew up down the street from one another and now live on her grandparents place we purchased twenty-one years ago. This land was originally granted to a distant relative of mine for his service in our war for freedom from Great Britain.

This part of God’s country means a lot to me, and yes, it’s still worth the fight!

As a young child growing up in Nashville, I had free rein to play in the fields and cow pastures surrounding our home.

My paternal grandparents had a farm with animals and a large garden, and once we were old enough to reach the pedals of the truck, we helped haul hay.  The men in the family spent this time loading heavy bales of hay into the back of the truck, but I too would soon get a turn doing my share of the heavy lifting.

While playing in the fields and woods surrounding our home, my brother and I would often pretend we were one of the first settlers to this land or one of our great war heroes fighting off the “commies” in our town. Yes, Nashville was a town not too long ago. Our imaginations would take us on a path to conquest and freedom, protecting our land, families, etc.

Another character I often dreamed of one day becoming was Perry Mason. The television show was one of my favorites. I thought he was brilliant! He always knew the right questions to ask and almost always it helped his client secure their freedom while simultaneously winning their case.

For years, when anyone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would say, I want to be a lawyer, like Perry Mason. I even began my college career as a political science major hoping one day to attend law school and fulfill that dream. As the country song goes, thank God for unanswered prayers!

Years later after finally finishing college, earning a masters’ degree in counseling, and serving as a pastor in Nashville, I recently offered myself some of the same advice I had given so many others over the years. To determine where a person’s passions lie, I would often ask them questions like why did you choose this training or what ability do you possess that will help you succeed in this field of work? As I had been praying about the opportunity before me now, I did a brief review of my career and noticed something as obvious as the nose on your face. What I discovered was this: I did not want to be Perry Mason because he was a lawyer; I wanted to be Perry Mason, because he helped people.

That’s who I am, a helper. Now I know that doesn’t seem like a grand title for someone seeking the office of United States Representative from Tennessee’s new 6th district would covet, but I wouldn’t trade it for any other. That’s who I am. I want to help.

As I assessed the growing vitriol language and angst in our society, I knew my time had come to do the “heavy lifting” once again. I’m a candidate for Congress not because of the fancy title and the prestige that comes with the office. I am going to be your next Congressman from TN6 because you know that’s what we need as well; someone who will help. Help heal our land and help people communicate their beliefs and ideas without hatred or indifference for those with opposing views. I want to serve you and all the people of our region, all 2.3 million of you who reside in the greater Middle Tennessee area. As one of three votes/voices in Washington representing us and our Tennessee values I pledge to help us come back together as a nation and as a people. I will work for our families, our communities, and for each of you too, as we imagine what the world could be if only someone cared…. if only someone believed in us again. I believe in you! Let’s do this together. Vote Clay for Congress TN6. Your vote is your voice!

A Meet and Greet will be held Friday, June 10th from Noon-1:30 p.m. at BB’s Bistro, 4 E Main Street, Gordonsville TN.