Carthage Junction Depot Art Show August 19th

August 9, 2023

On Saturday August 19,  a collection of Outsider art will be featured at the Carthage Junction Depot.  The term “Outsider art” is used to describe art often produced by people who have not trained as artists. If you have ever had a family member who loved whittling objects or creating decorative pieces just for the love of creating, it would fit within this category. Many artists and collectors have prized this type of art as a pure form of expression, not compromised by anyone else’s expectations.

This exhibit includes a wide variety of work from a painted  ironing board with a historical lesson to a gum wrapper chess set made by a prison inmate. The work is sure to inspire with the Inventiveness, resourcefulness,  and ingenuity of  each artist. 

The art  presented at the Carthage Junction Depot was a portion of a lifelong collection by a local art enthusiast and collector. He supported local artists everywhere he visited and at home here in Smith County. The work on display was so generously donated to benefit the Depot and proceeds of purchases will be used for future art programing to encourage art and artists in our community. 

The Carthage Junction Depot is located at 185 Gordonsville Highway in South Carthage. Find out more about upcoming events on the Carthage Junction Depot facebook page. 

Coming soon: 

Sarah Caum Metalworks and Painting 9/16

It Runs in the Family: Art by Leslie & Kittie Antle 10/14