Business Spotlight- Tennessee Breast Cancer Coalition

April 26, 2021

The Tennessee Breast Cancer Coalition is a nonprofit that provides individual financial assistance to breast cancer patients living in Tennessee. TBCC has been in business for over 25 years and was established in 1995 as a grassroots organization dedicated to improving quality of life for individuals undergoing treatment for breast cancer.

Tennessee Breast Cancer Coalition provides individual financial assistance to breast cancer patients through the Emergency Access Fund (EAF). The EAF pays for mortgages or rent, utilities, medical bills, and insurance premiums. Since its inception, The EAF has given $1,210,000 to 1,792 breast cancer patients and their families. Their mission is to be the foremost advocate and provider for Tennesseans facing breast cancer through individual assistance, education, and legislative action.

To qualify for the assistance, patients must be residents of Tennessee for at least a year, live in the 200% poverty level, and be in active breast cancer treatment. It is a one-time $1,000 assistance and used to pay for mortgages or rent, utilities, insurance premiums, and medical bills. They pay the vendor directly.

“We are a staff of two so we rely heavily on our amazing board of directors and incredible group of volunteers. We love being able to help people in the community and provide a true service to Tennesseans. A breast cancer diagnosis is terrifying enough; couple that with not being able to pay a mortgage, and it is devastating. The relief and gratitude we hear in our patients voice is all we need to come to work everyday. We hope to increase the amount of assistance we provide to each breast cancer patient. We also hope to raise our qualifying assistance cap to 250% poverty level.”

They are located at 106 Mission Court, Suite 602, Franklin, TN, and they are always open. You can reach out via email or development@tbcc.rg. You can also call the office phone at 615-377-8777.

Positive cancer survivors wearing pink, holding each other hands