Jessica Dillard Biggs

During the meeting of the Gordonsville City Council on Monday, April 8, 2019, Jessica Dillard Biggs was appointed to fill a vacant seat on the Gordonsville City Council.

Two qualified Gordonsville citizens expressed interest in the position, Mr. Danny Williams and Mrs. Jessica Biggs.

Each candidate received two votes from the council. 

Mayor Milton Gibbs cast the tie-breaking vote, and Biggs was appointed to the council and subsequently sworn in by the mayor.

Biggs will serve on the Gordonsville City Council until the next regular election.

During the April meeting of the Gordonsville City Council, the council also unanimously appointed John Potts to serve as Vice Mayor. 

The council also appointed Michael Ray to serve as the new City Recorder. Ray is expected to begin this position on May 1, 2019.

Watch the full April 2019 meeting of the Gordonsville City Council below: