4-H Poultry Show & Sale

September 11, 2020

by Katie Martin, Extension Agent – 4-H Youth Development, UT Extension Smith County

More and more consumers are wanting to know where their food comes from. The easiest way to know where your eggs are coming from is to raise chickens in your own backyard! Attend the Smith County 4-H Poultry Show and Sale that will take place on Thursday, September 24th at the Smith County Ag Center, and you will have the opportunity to enjoy fresh eggs every morning, plus you will be supporting hard working 4-H members.

Each spring, 4-H members of Smith County have the opportunity to become involved in the 4-H Chick Chain.  This activity allows 4-H’ers to receive one-day-old baby chicks in late March.  The 4-H’er is responsible for feeding and caring for the chicks.  Then, on September 24th, the 4-H’er will select their three best pullets and bring them to the County 4-H Poultry Show and Sale.  This year we will have pens of Red Star and Barred Rock hens for sale. 

The judging of the pullets will begin at 5:30 PM.  The auction will follow shortly after.  All proceeds from the sale will go directly to the 4-H member to help with their expenses in raising the chicks.

We hope to see you at the Smith County Poultry Show and Sale on September 24th at 5:30 PM at the Smith County Ag Center.  For further information, call Katie Martin at 615-735-2900.

The 4-H Youth Development Program delivers programs through cooperative efforts of the University of Tennessee, Tennessee State University, and public and private sector volunteers. 4-H educational programs are offered to all youth, grades 4-12, on an age-appropriate basis, without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation or disability. For further information concerning the many opportunities that 4-H has to offer the youth in Smith County, call 615-735-2900.

2019 Chick Chain winners, Abby Malone and Addison Stemmer