3D Mammography Now Available at Riverview Regional Medical Center

January 25, 2023
Carolyn Sparks, Andrea Washer, Erica Slagle, Kim Winsett, Amber Street, Cathy Flynt, Leslie Kittrell, Jill Coley, Chamber of Commerce Director Bill Woodard and Carthage Mayor Steve Babcock.

Carthage, TN (January 20, 2023) – Riverview Regional Medical Center celebrated the addition of a 3D Mammography machine with an Open House and Ribbon Cutting event organized with the Smith County Chamber of Commerce. The new machine now provides improved imaging services for the women in the Carthage community.

Getting a mammogram is an important annual screening for women to get once they turn 40. The new machine, a GE Pristina Dueta 3D mammography machine, is the first in market Patient-Assisted Compression device. Given the nickname “Prissy,” this 3D mammogram machine gives patients the option to control their own level of compression using a handheld remote. The machine also comes with different paddle adjustments for varying types of breasts to get the highest quality images. All of these features help patients to feel less anxious and more comfortable during a mammogram.

The 3D mammogram machine is accompanied by a new sensory suite, equipped with two large screens displaying sights and sounds from the beach to the rainforest. The room is painted in cool tones and includes a curtain for privacy when changing. To add an extra level of comfort, the sensory suite includes a scent diffuser as a form of aromatherapy.

Often in Carthage, individuals and families travel into Sumner County and even Nashville to get specialty care or advanced testing and imaging. The leadership at RRMC prioritizes bringing specialty care, testing, and screenings closer to home.

“The 3D Mammogram machine is an amazing extension of our services here at Riverview Regional,” says Carolyn Sparks, CEO of Riverview Regional Medical Center. “With 3D mammography, we are able to detect breast cancer easier and sooner than before, which can save lives.”

Riverview Regional Medical Center Imaging Services are now accepting appointments for 3D mammograms. Women ages 40 and up, or anyone who has discussed early screening with their doctor are eligible for a mammogram. You do not have to have a doctor’s referral for a screening mammogram if you are age 40 and above; however, it is preferred that patients have a primary care provider to send a follow-up report to. To make an appointment, please call 615.735.5300 or visit MyRiverviewMedical.com/3D-Mammography.