2024 Smith County Fair Dog & Cat Show Winners

July 10, 2024

The Dog and Cat Show at the Smith County Fair was held on Saturday morning, July 6th. Several dogs participated in the the show sponsored by Smith County Animal Clinic. Over a dozen dogs participated in seven divisions.

Congratulations to the winners listed below: (handler – dog))

Sporting Division

1st Place – Gabe Harvile – Rose

2nd Place – Emma Baker – Finley

3rd Miranda Pickles – Chuck Norris


1st Place – Samantha Bussell – Windsor

2nd Place – Kaybree Denney – Willow

3rd Place – Crissy Cannon – Reecie


1st Place – Melissa Thomson – Decker

2nd Place – Emery Shoemake – Remi Jane

3rd Place – Misti Brewer – Ginger

Toy Terrier- Non Sporting

1st Place – Kaelyn Ward – Puddin

2nd Place – Richard Brooks – Jack

Misc/Mixed Breeds

1st Place – Melanie Bowman – Orrie

2nd Place – Ella Dixon – “Frank” aka Frankenstein

Best Dressed

1st Place Kaelyn Ward – Puddin

Jr. Handler

1st Place – Kaybree Denny – Willow

2nd Place – Gabe Harville – Rosie

3rd Place – Maddox Nester – Nola

3rd Place – Emma Baker – Finley

Best in Show Cat – Patti Rohlfes – Dover

The Dog and Cat show was sponsored by Smith County Animal Clinic. To schedule an appointment call 615-735-3330. Many more pictures of the Dog and Cat Show and other Smith County Fair events visit the Smith County Fair Facebook page.