SCHS students pose with Chromebooks donated by the Yohan Abraham Foundation.

This school year, students at Smith County High School have been enjoying 75 new Chromebooks and laptop carts that were generously donated by The Yohan Abraham Foundation.

Students in the classrooms of Ms. Christy Scudder, Mr. Dillon Reed, and Ms. Kristen Kyte have access to these Chromebooks during their fifth period classes in French, Theatre Arts, and Sociology.

Ms. Christy Scudder, Mr. Dillon Reed, and Ms. Kristen Kyte use the donated Chromebooks in their classrooms.

The mission of the Yohan Abraham Foundation is to provide scholarships, tuition assistance, grants, and other forms of financial assistance to students and activities with demonstrated need for such assistance in the Elmwood, TN, area where Yohan Abraham last lived and worked.

Mr. Yohan Paul Abraham was born in Calcutta, India, on April 1, 1986, the first child of Paul and Elizabeth Abraham. Yohan was the oldest of two boys.

Throughout his childhood, his family lived in Arizona, Minnesota, and Illinois. During this time, Yohan enjoyed hiking, bike riding, volunteering through his church, and camp activities.

Purdue was Yohan’s first choice of university upon graduation from his Chicago high school, where he started as a computer science major. While at Purdue, he became interested in the armed forces and joined the United States Army, where he completed two consecutive four year terms.

He earned medals for being an exemplary soldier from the Army and NATO for his stints in Afghanistan. After his deployments, he returned to Ft. Campbell and joined Eagle Radio Air Traffic Control unit his honorable discharge.

After the Army, Yohan met Ms. Mandy Beaty and moved to Elmwood, Tennessee. He restarted his education at Middle Tennessee State University, where he majored in Accounting.

Yohan soon became engaged to Mandy, an 8th grade teacher at Forks River School. He was a familiar face at FRS, frequently sharing his baked goods with both students and faculty—a hobby he picked up after leaving the Army. He also spent many hours volunteering for gate or concession stand duty at the FRS ballgames. 

Many students and families grew to know and love him during this time until his untimely death from injuries due to an automobile accident when he was only 30 years old.

Since Yohan’s death, his friends and family members have been committed to giving back to communities in rural Tennessee and Illinois to keep Yohan’s legacy and his spirit of generosity alive.

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