The Smith County Owls beat the Cannon County Tigers in a back and forth match up, winning 34-29.

The Owls jumped ahead early, scoring off of a rush by Cameron Spivey to go ahead 7-0. The Owls were able to extend their lead to 14-0 on an option to Tanner Marshall.

Cannon County bounced back late in the first half to score two touchdowns and get one two point conversion to go up 15-14.

The Tigers struck first in the second half to extend their lead to 22-14.

In the fourth quarter, the Owls were able to force a fumble, flipping the momentum. John Ross Hord was able to run the ball in a few plays later on a four yard run, but Smith County wasn’t able to convert the two point conversion and were down 22-20 with 8:04 left in the game.

Smith County attempted an onside kick, and recovered it. The Owls would drive down and score on a Spivey pass to D.J. Burk, followed by a two point conversion run by Jaden Apple-Gibbs to put the Owls up 28-22.

Cannon County bounced back with a score of their own with 3:22 remaining to take a 29-28 lead, but the Owls were able to take the ball downfield and take the lead following a big 43 yard rush by Eli Martin to put the Owls on the Cannon County 27 yard line. Smith County was able to take a lead with 35 seconds left in the game following a Spivey rush for a touchdown, but the Owls were not able to convert the two point conversion, up 34-29 with 35 seconds left. Cannon County drove downfield and looked to be within striking distance of a pass, but the Owls were able to bat down a pass as time expired to win the game.

What’s next?

The Owls will play on the road at Watertown next week.