Mark Pody

Lebanon, Tenn. – Mark Pody, a businessman, insurance agency owner, and current state representative, launched his highly anticipated campaign for Tennessee’s 17th State Senate District on Friday, announced the Pody campaign.

Looking at the future of middle Tennessee, Mark Pody is focused on two priorities. The first is conservative fiscal policies. “We need to limit the size and scope of government. Not every good idea should be a government idea,” said Pody. “Many good ideas are best done by individuals, church and non-profits, not by state government.” Pody believes government has a limited role and taxpayer money needs to be spent effectively on only programs that fit that role of government.

The second priority for Pody is bringing high paying quality jobs to the district. He feels the best way to gain these high paying jobs is to create an environment in the state where businesses want to relocate and expand. This is done by having a highly educated workforce, commonsense regulations, and favorable tax policies for incoming businesses.

Mark Pody has more than three decades of experience fighting as a small business owner against the overreaching of our government. Pody believes in smaller government that is as close to the local level as possible. As a Tennessee Representative, he led the charge to stand against growing government. He has fought to slow the growth of government where ever possible. Living in middle Tennessee for over 32 years Pody has witnessed the economic down turns and the tremendous economic growth of middle Tennessee. With that fluctuation in our economy in mind, Mark Pody strongly advocates for a state rainy day fund of at least 1 BILLION dollars. That will help tax payers through the up and down economic turns of the future.

Mark Pody is married to his high school sweetheart, Barbara. They have just celebrated their 44th wedding anniversary. They have two adult children, Kristina and Amy. Tennessee’s 17th state senate district includes the counties of Wilson, Cannon, Dekalb, Clay, Smith and Macon.