Press Release:

Mark Jones

Monday, January 8, 2018 – Mark Jones of Smith County, Owner & President of Fort Storage Facilities and Investment properties, Smith County Commissioner of District 1, Tennessee State Trooper, is declaring his candidacy for Mayor of Smith County today.  Mr. Jones turned in his petitions for Mayor at the Smith County Election Office on Monday.

 I am honored and excited to announce my candidacy for Mayor of Smith County.  During my career in various branches and levels of government, I have been exposed to many different complexities of issues and solutions.  I have gained experience in my 20+ years in government work.  My experience working with the government and being a private business owner has given me a unique understanding of partnership with all levels of government, along with the private sector.  I have been blessed to have experience with every level of government in extremely high-stress situations — being able to make wise decisions that not only pertain to properties and monetary concerns, but also the lives of co-workers and the public.

If elected to this office, my position will be a very progressive role to bring new growth to our county, pursuing the very best for our citizens in every aspect without compromising any value of our great county.  I also am a firm believer in supporting our current and established businesses in every way possible.  These business owners are our families, friends and neighbors, and I am committed to supporting them in every way feasible.

During my career, one thing has proven itself over and over again: one of the keys to having a more powerful, established and stable economy is a strong infrastructure of our industrial, commercial and recreational locations.  Each of these locations are unique and should be handled in different ways.  We want our communities and recreational areas to stay safe and have any and all luxuries possible without compromising our values.  Our commercial and industrial areas need the resources supplied to be able to function effectively and efficiently.  With a strong infrastructure established, we can be more competitive and offer a more appealing environment for new growth and provide better services for our existing businesses and manufacturers.

I am also a dedicated Christian father of four wonderful children: Natalie, Alexis, Emry and Knox.  Just like all of you, there is nothing I wouldn’t do for my children.  I want the very best for them, and I want the opportunity for not only the work force of today to have great jobs but also tomorrow’s work force.

I look forward to running a positive campaign.  I am a citizen, not a politician, and a public servant, not a lord.  To make America great again, we must start at home.

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