Hollis Mulinax

I, Hollis Mullinax am seeking the office of South Carthage Mayor. I have served as Alderman on the South Carthage City Council for 11 years and am currently serving as Vice-Mayor. I am Chairman of the South Carthage Police Committee, on the Street Committee, and the Planning Commission. Since I have been on the City Council, we have applied for and received the Fire Fighters Grant. This grant gave the South Carthage Fire Department 8 new SCBAs and 20 new breathing masks. The grant purchase also gave each firefighter their own mask, which promotes health and safety for all firefighters.

The City of South Carthage purchased a 65 foot ladder truck, which lowered the ISO rating from an 8 to a 6. Lowering the ISO rating helps lower all of South Carthage Citizen’s homeowners insurance. We have just paved Mill Land and Davis Street, and we plan to get more streets paved in the near future.

I am asking all of South Carthage residents to vote for the man with the most experience, who will continue to help South Carthage prosper. On August 2nd, please vote HOLLIS MULLINAX for South Carthage Mayor.

Thank you so much.