Cole Ebel

My name is Cole Ebel and I am officially announcing my candidacy for Carthage City Council. My objective is to bring transparency into government, especially local government.

When our form of government was founded, many understood the reasons for divisions of government; divisions that kept power in check. These divisions being the Executive, Legislative and Judicial side. These divisions many times are forgotten at the local level. Too many times, I watch all of these branches work as one, not challenging thoughts, but going along to get along.

We need to work more as a community and rely less on the government. We shouldn’t have to ask permission to exercise individual rights. We shouldn’t have to pay extortion fees to trade freely.

As a representative of not only the citizens of Carthage, but the businesses of Carthage, I will promise to question everything brought before me. I will always raise a motion or second a motion, this way a vote is called upon and citizens can see where their representatives stand on issues, instead of hiding behind a question failing to call.

We do not have a revenue problem, but a spending problem. Because of this, I will never advocate raising taxes, we already pay too much.

I will encourage small business growth and find ways to get government out of the way so businesses can open and operate without the oversight of big brother.

I will work to find solutions to the opioid crisis through medical help instead of continually criminalizing a medical problem.

I will work to find fiscally sound solutions to problems instead of throwing money at the problem. There are always more than two paths forward.

I will work to have the community more involved in decisions that affect their every day lives, with less secretive projects popping up and more canvasing on what is best for the community.

I will work to find ways to give our local businesses a vote in politics. It is a shame that we founded this country on the basis of “No Taxation Without Representation” yet so many businesses in Carthage have zero representation. I will represent those businesses.

Last, I will always stand on principle above all. This is not a position I am running for to elevate myself, but a position I am seeking to represent the citizen. I cannot do this alone nor would I seek to. We must do this together.

I humbly ask for your vote on November 6th. If you have any questions or concerns, or would like to know more about my positions, you may contact me at Thank you.