Smith County’s Emergency Service showed juniors and seniors from both SCHS and GHS a mock auto accident and what the scene of an accident may look like after a crash.

The event was to show students what could happen when a driver is texting and driving, or driving distracted in any way. Sheriff Steve Hopper and his Department, Smith County EMA, Smith County Rescue Squad, Smith County Fire Department Central District, Smith County EMS/911, Air Evac Lifeteam, Dales Towing and Recovery, Bass Funeral Homes and Sanderson Funeral Homes all worked together to make sure that this demonstration was as realistic as possible.

Sheriff Steve Hopper set the scene by talking about what caused the simulated crash. Within minutes, first responders from each of the emergency services were there to do their part in helping the crash.

An Air Evac helicopter landed a few minutes later in order to show what an emergency transport would look like.

Both Bass and Sanderson Funeral Homes sent a hearse to let students know the sometimes sad truth of these crashes. Two body bags were out into the hearse’s in order to simulate two deaths that had occurred in one of the cars, while the person that was transported lived.

The goal of the demonstration was to show students the realities of driving with distractions.