Brian Craig Blunkall

(Smith County Insider Press)—On April 22, 2018, Brian Blunkall (31, Chestnut Mound) was arrested on a warrant for child support attachment. Upon arriving at the Smith County Jail, Blunkall was found to be in possession of a Schedule I drug and was charged with introducing contraband into the jail facility.

According to the police report, Deputy Joshua Williams came in contact with Blunkall just after midnight on April 22, 2018, when Williams noticed two vehicles in the parking lot of New Middleton Baptist Church. 

Williams verified Blunkall’s identity and learned about his child support warrant through dispatch. While waiting for verification, Williams observed Blunkall behaving in an erratic and unusual manner.

Blunkall was placed under arrest and transported to the Smith County Jail for booking.

According to the police report, Blunkall was asked repeatedly if he had anything illegal on his person and was informed that if he did, he would be charged with the introduction of contraband into a penal facility. Blunkall answered no each time.

As Blunkall was being searched by correctional staff inside the jail, a packet of aluminum foil fell from his waistband. Inside the aluminum foil was a substance that tested positive as a Schedule I drug.

Blunkall is charged with failure to pay child support with a writ of attachment, introduction of contraband into jail, and possession of a Schedule I drug.